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Easily vaporize all forms of Concentrates, Dry Herb, and Oil Cartridges with just one vape pen

In today’s trend of aroma therapy, there is a great demand for diffusers and vaporizers. However, it is not possible to indulge in this due to its messy affair. There is always a fear of spillage and over-powering spread of aroma.

In order to use the atomizer on the go and have the benefits of aroma therapy, SkyBlue Vapor ™ Original Vape Pen is a unique gadget that is sleek and discreet and that can be easily carried without spoiling your pocket. 

This oil vape pen kit is available in many colors and easily disguises as an ordinary pen in a stylish form.

SkyBlue Vapor ™ is the best multi vape pen that can be used for dry herbs, concentrates and essential oils. It operates on “Click” Lock Technology, which helps keep the vapors in the battery and not spoil your pocket by spilling out.


This 2 in 1 dab pen can easily vaporize wax as well as dry herbs. The vape pen vaporizes the contents at very low temperature, thus your material lasts longer giving you prolonged satisfaction.

The dab pen kit includes a user manual and lifetime guarantee. It is hand assembled in the USA and 3% of the profits from the sales are given to charity. When you order the pen you will get:

  • 1 SkyBlue Vapor ™ battery
  • 1 travel case
  • 1 510-thread cartridge adapter
  • 1 “Click” Lock SkyBlue Concentrate atomizer
  • 1 “Click” Lock Dry herb atomizer
  • 2 SkyBlue Dab Slabs ™
  • 1 micro USB charger
  • 1 mouthpiece and 1 mouthpiece cover
  • 1 non-stick container
  • 1 packing tool
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 user manual

This all in one vape pen is a very good travel companion since you can utilize it for any material that you desire – concentrates, essential oils or dry herbs. The “Click” Lock technology keeps the smell intact inside the battery and you need not worry about the aroma unnecessarily spreading elsewhere.


Before starting to use the SkyBlue Vapor ™ Original Vape Pen, it is advisable to understand its parts.
The pen has 3 main parts.

  1. The Battery: The longest piece of the pen has SkyBlue Vapor ™ logo printed at the bottom end. This is the place where you connect your atomizer and charge the pen through USB charge point. The power button to operate the pen is also located here.
  2. The Vaporizer: The pen set comes with a standard concentrate atomizer. However, if you wish to use different material like essential oils or dry herbs, you can very well switch the atomizers. This fits on top of the battery so that when turned on, it can heat up and start diffusing the aroma. A point to remember is using lesser material for better vaporizing experience. The pen works on low temperature and hence your stock lasts for a long time.
  3. The Mouthpiece: This is the part from where you inhale the vapors. It is in the same color as the pen and thus gives it a uniform and discreet look. The mouthpiece is used with the herbal atomizer and every concentrate atomizer. The mouthpiece is like “cap” of the pen that keeps everything inside and well out of sight.

To use, remove the mouthpiece, put in the desired material and replace the mouthpiece. When you are ready to use the pen, turn it on, press the power button down and start inhaling.

The company’s Slim Oil Cartridge, Glass Globe and Glass Oil Cartridge have their individual mouthpieces attached.

The “Click” Lock Technology works thus: 5 clicks of power button unlock the pen for use.  Pressing and holding the power button down assists in heating the atomizer and releasing the vapors for inhaling. After you are done, again click the power button 5 times to lock the device. The locking and unlocking of device can be ascertained by the flash when the process is complete.

This wonderful device will always help you have the vape on the go and its sleek and stylish look will veil its identity.

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SkyBlue Vapor Deluxe Pen Kit

With the advancements in technology, the market these days is loaded with plenty of options to make life full of fun. One of the best advancements in this 21st century is the trend of vaporizers. People are now dropping the idea of smoking and looking for some classy vaping solutions in the market.

The biggest benefit of this latest vaporizer trend is that it is observed to be less harmful to the users. Market these days is loaded with plenty of essential oil-based vaping oils that you can use to have flavor-rich vaping experience. But those who are little confused among a variety of vaporizers in the market may need expert advice to choose the best one.

Well, the best idea is to invest in SkyBlue Vapor Deluxe Pen Kit. This multi-functional vaporizer kit can help you to have custom vaping experience with easy switching of atomizers as per your unique requirements. There are so many amazing things to know about this latest 3 in 1 vape pen kit. Prefer to go through the details below to know more about this vaporizer.

Incredible Features of SkyBlue Vapor Deluxe Pen Kit:

Without any doubt, this latest vaporizer is loaded with plenty of features that may enhance your vaping experience. Few of them are listed below:

  • Smell proof:

This low-temperature pen can help you save much of your stash while keeping your pen smell-proof all the time. It means you can carry your pen everywhere in style without worrying about poor odor.

  • Premium atomizers:

You will be happy to hear that this vaporizer kit comes with premium atomizers. With this amazing package, you can enjoy full Sky-Blue experience with ultimate flavors. This vaporizer kit is suitable for beginners as well as experienced vaping lovers. You would love to watch vapors in the air with the dual oil atomizer. It can also create clouds out of your dry herb. You can try various formulas with this amazing dry herb cartridge.

  • Variety of accessories:

Another amazing thing to know about this all in one vaporizer package is that it contains all essential accessories to enhance your vaping experience. You will be able to get a travel case, different atomizers, SkyBlue Vapor battery, Micro USB charger, cleaning brush, non-stick container, mouthpiece, packing tool, and many more. The best part is that manufacturers also offer a lifetime warranty with this package. So, you can ensure trouble-free vaping experience with this kit.


With all these amazing features, SkyBlue Vapor Deluxe Pen Kit appears the most amazing and reliable solution for all vaping lovers. Whether you are already a hardcore fan of the vape industry or are just stepping ahead of your smoking habits, this vaporizer can serve your needs better. This hand-assembled vaporizer is made in the USA with top quality materials; you can ensure satisfactory performance with this kit. Moreover, the multiple atomizers included in the package can enhance your overall vaping experience by a considerable level.

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All that you want to know: Essential oil vape Pen - the Very Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser.

The popularity of Essential oils is growing exponentially across the globe. Those who use essential oils are circulating a spectrum of advantages and claim to use them for their therapeutic, holistic, and energetic attributes. Also, there is a prevailing trend of essential oil pen being enjoyed by more and more vapers. 

There is a wide variety of oil available in the market and the pronounced applications of its use are equally broad. We can observe a substantial gain in public and professional support for consuming essential oils, but the primary benefit is they don’t carry the nicotine and some even indicate you don’t inhale them at all.

With such an increase in essential oil vaping, it has created curiosity among all and asks, should I vape essential oils? There is no direct straightforward answer to this basic question.

It is essential to ensure you’re doing things aptly. The key is to ensure that you have the correct essential vape pen. Luckily, there are a few top-quality merchandises available for the first-time discerning customer. The SkyBlue EV is a great vape pen to consider. Confirming you purchase a high-quality essential oil paired with a great vape pen will deliver the best experience. Cheaper options may char too hot, or the oils may include questionable ingredients. To simply put the price is the least important aspect, whereas the transparency of the ingredients used, and the quality of those ingredients is quintessential aspect while buying a vape pen. 

With a wealth of options available for the customers, it always engages time to ensure a top-quality product is being selected. Regardless the substantial key is the inhalation of essential oil implies you are not inhaling nicotine.

The next big question is how safe essential oil vaping is?

There are a few aspects to consider before solving the mystery and come to a final conclusion. 

Not all the essential oils are:
• same
• cent per cent pure
• produced in identical way
• safe to ingest
• heat stable

All the essential oils are:
• steam distilled, which means they are produced in heated steaming water that is well above 212F degrees. 
• not all EO a break at same temperature 

To conclude if essential oil vape is safe or not, let us discover a few things about vaporizers:
• heat is used to vaporize EOs in most of the vape pens
• bigger batteries, and lower resistance heating coils, can take the heat up over 1,200-F instantaneously.

To conclude, it is safe to use certain types of EOs:
• which are pure
• safe to ingest
• in small amounts using a low atomizer for short span without the risk of VOC creation.

It means if you have the proper device like SkyBlue EV and safe to ingest and inhale essential oil, and you water down that oil with other carriers, then you can surely and safely vaporize and inhale some essential oils.  

The concern is to use small amounts of edible pure essential oils mixed with none-oil carriers and distilled water.

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Vape Guide: What is a 510-thread cartridge?

The term 510 threaded is used to define the connecting thread between the batteries and the vape cartridges.  Usually, the length of the cartridge is 5 millimeters and ten screw threads, which clearly defines its notation 510. However, there exist configurations like 808 and others.
Please take note that a few batteries have both 510 threaded ends, as well as eGo threads, enabling the use of a wider range of canisters to enjoy cannabis. A few atomizers also use 510 threading and go by the name of 510 thread atomizers.


While vaping may be more synonymous with the intake of nicotine and extinction of smoking, it has made an easy path into the world of cannabis consumption.
Practically, vaping cannabis oil works similarly like vaping nicotine. The cannabis oil is attached to a canister, which is further connected to a battery. With a button press on battery, the THC-bearing oil gets heated and further vaporized, allowing the user to inhale the vapor following the usual process of entering the body through lung tissue.
When it comes to vaping equipment, quite a variety in terms of style and format are available in the market. However, 510 thread cartridges and atomizers have become the standard, especially for those who are new to the vaping world.
Those who shop for smaller pen-style vaporizers that need small canisters, there will be ten screw threads connecting the battery to the oil container, and the length of the container will be five millimeters.


How does a 510-thread cartridge work?
Basically, e-cigarette consist of three main parts:
  • a battery,
  • a nicotine cartridge
  • an atomizer.
The fundamental rule vape battery never exceeds the amps of battery. Take note of the mod charge and it is advised to use the recommended battery for the specific mod. It is advised to use a battery holder and refrain from carrying batteries lose in pockets. Batteries are likely to fail if they come in contact with keys or coins and may even leak or explode.  Also, it is highly recommended to not combine varied types of battery in the same device. The batteries must be charged safely, avoid leaving them unattended. The moment batteries are charged to full power remove them from the charger, else there exists a risk of battery failure.


Nicotine Cartridge
The 510 cartridge consists of:
  • mouthpiece
  • Small plastic or metal cup
The cup is filled with sponge filler material, the steel wick from the atomizer contacts the filler material in the cup and draws the flavored THC oils towards the heating coil. The cartridge is designed wisely to concurrently send e-liquid into the atomizer while implying vapor to the mouthpiece of the cartridge. Also, there exists other types of eCigs wherein cartridges don’t carry filler materials.
This is where the most action takes place. 510 thread atomizers are most commonly used for vape pens. There exists a heating coil Inside the atomizer compartment and above the heating coil resides the steel wick, which extends up to cartridge and used to draw the THC-oils to the heating coil, thus creating vapor.
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The Evolution of wax vapes pens and why really should we be content

A number of studies have discovered how smokers have to have to switch their smoke having a wax vape pen. Wax vaporizer are all-around to generate things a lot easier and even more fun. Not simply are wax pen atomizers more healthy than using tobacco, they supply incredible flavours and powerful hits that you cannot reach normally.

These days, the wax vape pens are actually divided into 3 main sections. These components involve, battery, atomizer as well as a mouthpiece. They are threaded along with a 510 threading usually which delivers consumers the consolation of attaching and detaching Each time they want. This detaching is completed merely be twisting the sections.

Inside the the latest a long time, studies have unveiled the significance if wax vape pens. Additional Advantages are increasingly being highlighted. You'll find differing kinds of wax vape pens obtainable. Yes, all of these have the similar principle, they have got various kinds.

It is vital to invest in the a single which features sturdiness and luxury. They need to Focus on distinct styles of temperature in order that the specified flavour is accomplish. Wax vape pens really need to waste fewer by producing comprehensive use in the wax cartridge.

Long gone are the days where by smokers experienced to organize the many gear initially to smoke. This is the time wherever wax vape pens are handy and feature multiple beneficial. The main main gain that wax vape pens have brought with them over time will be the elimination of toxins. Using tobacco leads to hurt to your lungs and throat and no you can deny this. Therefore, wax pen atomizer are close to to help make items superior.

Wax vape pens Ensure that the wax is preserved. They use very little amount of concentrates. The heating strategy is ideal to heat up the wax evenly and supply Outstanding flavour.

Additionally, another key variable why wax vape pen has arrive a good distance in these recent several years is mainly because they are cost-effective. Cut costs by getting a wax pen atomizer and you'll Obtain your moneys well worth. In place of going for something which is dear, vaporizers are usually far more cost effective. They don’t even eat many wax.

Moreover, we are in some time in which technological enhancements have paved way to lead into your betterment of wax vape pens. In contrast to smoking cigarettes, wax vape pens never burn up the flavour. They operate of their perfect temperature to be sure the desired flavoured is attained. People are free to change the temperature configurations as well.

Wax vape pens are thought to be the simplest as well as quickest strategy to take pleasure in the botanical organic concentrates. If you need a thing that you are able to not merely love at your home, but at Business office far too, get your fingers to the exquisite wax vape pens which have been portable and discreet. They've got a pocket sizing which means you'll be able to position them in the bag.

Appreciate all of your times without having to be worried about your overall health possibly. They are scent evidence which happens to be another reason why you can easily just take them towards your workplace too.

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The Most effective essential oil vape pen which can be applied everywhere

What is the best issue that you look inside your oil vape pen? Comfort and ease and benefit. In fact, these in addition to its portability are the most important things which should not be compromised when acquiring the vital oil vape.

The necessary oil vape pen should be simple to carry to ensure people can take them along everywhere they want. Think about sitting down in the office craving your vape at your home. It is just too weighty that You can't provide it dwelling? Is that really worth the value you purchase it? As a result, it is necessary which the critical vape you buy is moveable. It is lightweight, compact and doesn't acquire any degree of hotness.

In addition, it really is reasonable to express that necessary oils are increasingly being consumed rapidly these days. Essential oil vape pens make good use of such necessary oils because of their quite a few rewards. These oils have healing Homes, they assist us snooze superior, lessen detrimental thoughts, allows in boosting our Power degree, reduce pressure, etcetera.

Moveable critical oil vape pens are just what you need In case you are seeking ahead to getting the healthier advantages of vital oils. These style of vapes only diffuse vegetable glycerine and necessary oils. There are many people who use facial steamer at home to make use of important oils for numerous functions like soothing. However, While using the support of critical oil vape pens, you are able to do this by by yourself while not having to pay out an excessive amount of.

Essential oil vape pen have a tank that is crammed with the necessary oil concentrate. Draw on the machine such as you suck on the straw. The mist is created inside your mouth that is crammed with flavour. Just take inside the mist and exhale. The strength of the cloud relies upon upon the intensity you suck in.

Essential oil vape pens have the entire kit. Get total cartridge and battery coupled with its vacation vase and usb charger. Consumer manuals can also be out there that tutorial you in every single way to be able to address any challenge that arises.

Simple necessary oil vapes are really efficient and sturdy. Something that cannot be disregarded about these vapes is that they're portable, quick to hold anyplace, at any time. The trim and portable mother nature is consumer friendly. The load is about one oz which is not a great deal. The best point to carry as part of your luggage after you established off for holidays. The duration is no more than six inches.

Additionally, the simple mother nature of those essential vape pens can be judged by way of The truth that they don't have needless buttons. The temperature configurations are inside controlled meaning There's practically not a whole lot to do.

Stainless-steel core chamber combined with the mouthpiece that's chrome plated. It may possibly accommodate the two thick and slender oils. The tank is good to store your chosen volume of vital oils with little to now breaks for fill-ups amongst sessions.

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The Ideal 3 in 1 vaporizer for dry herb, wax and oils this year

Newbies frequently look ahead to look for the ideal 3 in 1 vaporizer which works well with every kind that come with dry herb/flower, wax and oils. Vape pen atomizers out there in 2019 ought to excellent some standards. They ought to execute excellent overall performance together with style and compatibility.

Do you favor dry herb? Or you want working with wax or oil? On the other hand, In case you are Among the many one particular who don't have any preference regarding the variety of focus you employ, Get the fingers on the very best combo 2 in 1 vaporizer. These are exactly what you require. It is possible to take pleasure in your vape pen atomizer in three different ways. The heating chamber also presents even heating which makes confident there's no wait time between your future session.

3 in 1 vape vaporizers feature full kit. The package has the many equipment you will need starting from dab metallic Resource, usb charger and cleaning brush. The complete package can make positive you do not have to go to The shop each and every time you encounter an issue. Great for THC concentrates by using a sleek and fashionable style and design that is certainly precisely what you wish for.

Herb atomizers are an outstanding decision if you like to employ herbal and flower concentrates. They supply cross-compatibility of substances which is a very convenient element you should not miss.

Vape pen atomizers are the proper choice for you in the event you are seeking something which offers you superior smoke along with a portable sizing which you could carry close to within your bag to work. The benefits of vape pen atomizers are many. If they offer the ease of catering to 3 varieties of components, They may be the best choice and value each penny.

Dry herb atomizer are atomizers which have been suitable with herbs. The best thing about dry herb atomizers is they come with detachable stainless-steel springs. The removable steel plate will allow area for more articles to become placed. By doing this buyers don't have to halt Once in a while between classes to load the chamber.

It comes with titanium flat coil that enables even heating. The even distribution of heat allows the flavour reach the person in essentially the most Remarkable way. Dry herb atomizers include simply click clock technological innovation. This allows effortless usage simply by pressing the principle button thrice.

If your favorite concentrate is herbal, then you must not look even more as dry herb atomizers are all that you need to have. Eliminate the loading spring and insert the chamber with the dry herb and flower constraint.

3 in 1 vaporizer that brings you The perfect convenience of employing all kinds of focus. Superior-top quality vaporizers aimed to help make the lives of The patron simple. These vaporizers get the job done extremely very well even at low temperature which makes sure that the person is not going to sense any higher diploma of hotness. Get exceptional hits with wonderful flavour. What's more, you might take them together whenever you want given that they are portable.

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