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Innovative Car Technologies

Over time we have seen some strange features/contraptions to get been set up on cars throughout the world.

Some individuals would call them innovative, others may refer to them as bizarre - the most up-to-date car feature which has caught my attention is Ford's inflatable seatbelt. It's currently only accessible on models in the US - but surely it won't remove worldwide?

Don't worry though - the seatbelt isn't inflated throughout your journey, in case of an accident it uses 'airbag technology' to inflate and expand around a regular seatbelt.

The intention of this new seatbelt is to help reduce head, neck and chest injuries among the more vulnerable passengers.

Ford 2015

Other innovative technology that has been recently introduced in the 'Eco Pedal' from Nissan. The Eco Pedal is a simple feature that has been produced with the aim of cutting emissions. In accordance with figures the Eco Pedal is effective in reducing emissions by 10-15%, depending on the way you drive.

There is a light on the dashboard indicating when you find yourself driving throughout the 'optimum acceleration range for fuel economy'. The pedal slightly adjusts to actually keep driving around this level - it might sound strange however you can't actually experience the pedal pushing back.

This pedal was introduced on selected models earlier this current year.

Stop/Start technologies have become quite popular throughout 2009 and is another feature which has been built to preserve fuel and cut emissions. Stop/ Start technology automatically switches off your cars engine if you are stationary - at traffic lights for instance. When you press the clutch again the engine turns itself back on. This allows you to preserve your fuel, which means that you'll cut costs when investing in for the pumps.

In accordance with some recent research 15% of cars may have this technology by 2015.

The new Ford F 150 features some innovative and highly intelligent lights. By making use of a camera sensor in the rear view mirror, the Ford has the capacity to detect street lamps, oncoming traffic and vehicles travelling ahead - very clever!

The ultimate feature I wish to mention in this article is definitely the safety-inspired 'lane sensors' which detect regardless of whether your vehicle starts to creep in to the next lane. Should this happen the unit will set off a tiny beep to alert you...and help save you from crashing in the vehicle driving alongside you!

This feature would be especially useful if it was positioned in lorries while i always find them beginning to creep into my lane about the motorways!

So, in terms of new car features anything is possible...what's next?

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