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The Key Features of Installing a Nurse Call System

A nurse call system, often known as a “”call bell” system, is a vital way of communication between patients and nurses. Originally, these systems have been made for a single strategy to call a nurse, by pushing a button that generated a phone call light and, afterward, a tone at the nurse’s desk.

But today, nurse call systems technologies have evolved in the times of light and tone, simplified systems to integrated platforms featuring voice communication. Now, a nurse call system is the key part of a healthcare communication platform.

Such systems also incorporate some other technological innovations from other industries right into a patient-to-nurse communication system. With the aid of such healthcare solutions, today there exists a great possibility to further improve personnel productivity and patient satisfaction.

Before a hospital or a healthcare facility decides to acquire an Intercall nurse call system as an example, there are a few considerations. One of the more important questions you must solution is what mode of nurse call you need and why.

A normal nurse call mode is when someone on the unit level answers the calls from that unit, and that might work. But, today many medical facilities prefer the new means of operation for intercall nurse call system, which reduces labor costs, enables staff to speak with patients faster, and enhances the patient experience. Here is where centralized nurse call comes into play. Listed below are the important thing benefits:

•Patients receive personal response in the nurse call operator throughout the shortest time period possible (usually 5-6 seconds);
•The device identifies the busiest times of day for patient requests;
•The program identifies the top ten patient requests for several nursing units monthly;

It is vital to get a patient to know that his/her requests are answered instantly. For caregivers, fast and efficient responses to patient requests mean significantly better patient care. Also, it has been discovered the system’s reporting abilities offer necessary details which help continuously boost the patient experience.

The application of nurse call systems goes far beyond the typical ringing a nurse for help, or simple voice communication between the nurse as well as the patient. Nowadays, these systems are voice and information platforms which help staff offer faster and even more efficient care to patients.

Care professionals must consider installing a nurse call system to be able to gain customer satisfaction and enter the list of top caregivers. 

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