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Semi-Permanent Makeup

Jan Jordan trained and qualified in London’s famous “Harley Street”, and is a completely Certified, Insured and Licensed Semi-Permanent Makeup Specialist and possesses been operating out of Hindhead, Surrey since 2011.

Jan specialises in creating natural looking Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Lips, giving you an ideal lasting look which you have always wanted.

Other treatments include Paramedical Procedures. Please see "Treatments" page for even more details.

Micropigmentation, or Eyebrow tattooing Surrey, is actually a tattoo procedure that delivers organic pigment into the epidermal layers along with the first "Reticular" dermal layer of our skin using very fine needles. The therapy is semi permanent because most of us, eventually, shed our epidermal skin layers, leaving a faint trace of pigment within the reticular layer. People shed the epidermal layers at different rates, meaning that fading of colour varies for every person. The color in the tattooed area will seem darker than expected until healed, that is about 5-one week, as soon as the colour fades by about 30%, leaving a pleasant, soft, natural result.

It really is a safe and very effective way of increasing your natural looks, and means that one could dispense with lots of products in your makeup bag, such as Brow pencils, lip liner and eyeliner.

The result will last for anything from a year and three years, depending on your skin type, which over time can save time and effort and funds in cosmetics. 

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