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The realm of Finance and Its Destructive Power

Together with the US government now closed down one must wonder what exactly it is about money which allows politicians to make this problem? It seems to add up to is a fight over medical treatment for your least privileged. While called Obama Care the objective is to alleviate the pressure on many victims of illnesses by supplying cheaper or free medical services for them.

Mothers frequently discuss ill children for whom they cannot afford also a doctor's consultation while desperately fascinating to the government for help. Hospitals cost the planet earth in the united states along with the pros who have got an oath to assist everyone often charge like wounded bulls with regard to their services. It is actually not right.

Many politicians with money and the cabability to rake in high returns, most of the time, have turned their backs on those who cannot rise above the less status of poverty. They cater better to the major end of town who run the cash making industries and medical centers. Humanity is a mixture of differing types and thought processes that put many at logger heads because of their fellow creatures. So how is usual sense and compassion in this?

Larry Weltman article

Over decades of research into the ways on the planet my view of the circumstance is it is primarily propelled by greed. This is basically the world covered with 666 who is identified within the Book of Revelation since the one in command of finance and trade (Revelation 13:13-18). He elevated the demand for money to increase their own power and control over matters. He started Christianity through his invention of Jesus Christ as well as the establishment of your Roman Catholic Church and another of his cohorts in the conspiracy started the Muslim religion in the ongoing fraud.

The requirement for wealth is destroying the surroundings, killing off varieties of animals and habitat, polluting the entire world with materials which do not break up and it is behind drugs, human trafficking, slavery, and so on. Although some hold onto huge amounts of dollars other people are begging in the streets for the buying price of meals. Although some are living in mansions of enormous proportions other people are sleeping on the streets or maybe in other kinds of homeless situations.

This is what Constantine implemented as he put forward his will to produce a parliament containing absolute power over the spiritual side of men and women. He made the principles and in most cases those people who are sucked in by these are mainly those who run governments. They are also those that love money and wish a lot more than they are able to ever use.

So how is common sense in this particular matter? What must be performed to overcome the greed and stupidity containing created this intolerable situation in the states? To the richest country on this planet to possess its politicians fighting over this kind of thing destroys its credibility.

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