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Growing up as a kid you eat what you are given.

 And although my surroudings were not the most unhealthy, I still ate mostly junk food as a kid. Because of this I was chubby, weak, and never really happy with the way I looked and how I would feel.
So one day(in my late teens) I decided to look up some information on this topic and I got myself a few magazines on the topic. This made me realize that I could get great results too if only I just kept working at it. I then followed the things the article said. The problem was that the articles were written for bodybuilders, and the routines did not work well for people that were not taking steroids. You had the classic chest day, back day, leg day etc. but that did not work for me at all.
I then found out this was a common occurrence. I mean, just looking around in the gym you see that most people look like they have just started working out, yet they have been at it for years. This is when I realized there was a lot of misinformation out there that really hold people back from getting results. I had some good results, but nothing really great.
I  still wanted to get my dream body, and I started buying many books and online programs on the subject, and each one gave me a piece of the puzzle. In a way they all work if you follow every detail. Now since I had been working out at least 3 days a week(usually more) for years at this point and had a good structure to my diet, whenever I experimented with a new program it was easy for me to make the switch. This was because I had the habits of a healthy lifestyle already built up. And through this I managed to follow every new program instantly, and pick up any new bit of information.
At this point I had my dream body, and my friends and family always asked me for help when it came down to working out and dieting. I would tell them everything they needed to know and what they should focus on but it never really worked. I was kind of like setting a new year's resolution that you stop following after a few weeks. The reason was of course vey obvious. I had been working out for more than a decade, and even though in the beginning I did not know what I was doing, I still built those healthy habits from when I was a teenager. At the same time I was reading a lot about the human psychology, mostly out of curiosity. New studies came out regularly, and I started to understand why the people around me could not get it together when it came to their health. It was due to their psychology.

I found out that if they were to start slowly and build up the 'habits of health' they would have success every single time. And that is when I decided to create my own product to help people that are serious about helping themselves.
I then realized that I had just created the only fitness product out there that takes the human psychology into consideration. So next to the fact that it has the best information on your physical body(even getting into what makes your body attractive from a scientific perspective), it also makes it easy to follow psychologically by starting off slowly. This is what makes this program so unique, it is the only program that works with both the body and the brain.

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