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Korean Skin care is revolutionizing beauty and skin health.

The Amazing Moisturizing Creams of Sidmool and 2Sol!
Korean Skin care is revolutionizing beauty and skin health. There are many brands out there, but today I am giving some special consideration to two beauty brands, 2Sol and Sidmool. There is little to say about 2Sol other than that it is a very straight forward brand that aims to deliver. This is just what its amazing products including the revolutionary elixir Propolis presents. Here we review this serum to find out what 2Sol has in store for us this time. Basically, the serum is an anti aging dash of magic that aims to rid you of all the wrinkles and fine lines that could endanger your beauty. Let’s start with the basic bottle. The simple yet effective bottle holds up to 50 ml of product and comes in a plastic bottle with a pump dispenser which I very much liked personally.
Coming to the actual content of this bottle, the mixture is a transparent slightly yellow
Liquid, that is quite sticky. It has a pleasant smell, but a slight medicinal note to it which can be a bit trying, but with all the nutritious qualities that come with the mixture, I am ready to accept this scent. You may be surprised, but 2Sol has handpicked all the nutritious ingredients and included them in a single bottle. No wonder it's magic! It has:
10% Propolis extract, known to have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory qualities that are extremely soothing for your skin. Being the nutritious mixture in the nectar that honey bees collect, it is all natural and sure to benefit your skin.
Madecassoside, it is one of the active compounds in Centella asiatica and has amazing antioxidant properties. Plus, its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis is sure to increase the firmness of your skin, helping you stay young.
Palmitoyl tripeptide, some of the essential peptides needed for regeneration and repair. The peptides ensure sufficient provision of nutrients allowing for rapid healing.
All these constituents and many more are proof of the effectiveness of this amazing serum. The best thing is that it isn’t overcrowded with unnecessary nutrients which allow you to avail the maximum benefit. The Korean Skin care Brands  2Sol Propolis serum is best used after the toner in your daily routine. Consistent use and definitely made my skin less irritated and more comfortable and hydrated. Certainly, 2Sol really has created a magic serum!
Another Korean Skincare product worthy of mention is the Madagascar Real Moisture cream by Sidmool. This great moisturizer also has a plenty of great advantages up its sleeve. Before we actually go into its amazing contents kept me first tell you that it comes in a handy 80g tube that you easily squeeze and use. It has a lovely serene scent that is very refreshing. The cream itself has a staggering 80% Centella asiatica extract that is known for its powerful antioxidant properties. The amazing nutrient also has a role in increasing collagen synthesis, which is basically the reason behind its anti-aging effect. Of course, that is not the only noteworthy ingredient in the tube.
The tube also contains high levels of hyaluronic acid, an important component of the skin tissues. A good amount of this is needed to create a firm and young effect, which you can get by applying the cream. Along with these nutrients, Sidmool Madagascar real moisture cream has a number of nutritious fruit extracts that deliver natural nutrients to your skin, making it soft, smooth, young and glowing. It also has an amazing hydrating property, plus, as it is not oil based, people with oily and combination skin can use this product without the risk of pimples as well. Clearly, I am inspired by the long-lasting hydration I get, once I apply it after my toner. The cream is one of the must haves and I would certainly recommend giving it a try. You will certainly be bewitched for sure!

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