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What Is Top Level Domain?

Domain is the thing which can identify your website uniquely and on typing the domain name the users get navigated to the website. Now in domain name there is top level domain. The entire URL contains the domain name i.e. the address of the company and the top level domain. The top level domain is the last segment of the domain name and it is the part which follows the “dot”. These are also classified further into the generic and country specific top level domains. The commonly used TLDs are .com, .org, .net, .edu and .gov. All of the top level domains are for special purpose.

Top Level Domains

In past the top-level domains helped to represent the purpose and type of domain. Now the rules have become strict and opening the new TLD is very difficult. At present it is allowed to create the new generic and the company specific top level domains. These are also called the domain suffices. It recognises the element which is associated with website and its objective. It can also be associated with the owner or the geographical area from where they originate.

Types of TLD
The top level domain is registered to the organisation which handles the domains. Usually, these are classified in the genericDomain Hosting, country, sponsored and infrastructure top level domains category. The generic one is the most commonly used top level domain like the .edu which is used for educational sites, .com for commercial sites. These top-level domains are available for registration. The country top-level domains are used to recognise a particular country and it usually uses two letters. In case of Australia, .au is used. Similarly for other countries the code is different.

The sponsored top level domains are the one which are supervised by the private organisation. The infrastructure top-level domains are the one which is .arpa and it is for the internet engineering task force. The most commonly used top level domains are .com for commercial business, .org for organisations, .net for network organisations, .gov for government agencies, .edu for educational institutions, .au for Australia, .ca for Canada, etc. There are four top domains which are reserved and are not for the production networks. The .example, .invalid, .localhost and .test are for exclusive purposes. So you should choose the top level domain as per your organisation use and name.

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