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7 Steps to LinkedIn Success

By Ted Prodromou

LinkedIn would be the largest professional network as well as the fastest growing social media. Currently LinkedIn is adding two new members every second and it is growing faster than Facebook, Twitter and Google combined.

Despite it’s rapid growth and popularity, most LinkedIn members haven’t discovered it is true power. Many still believe LinkedIn is really a area to post your resume and check out jobs. Those that understand the potency of LinkedIn are gaining a big competitive advantage.

The following are seven tips which can help you begin with LinkedIn.

1. Create a LinkedIn coach

To take full advantage of LinkedIn, you have to have a precise strategy with trackable goals. Your LinkedIn strategy should be an integral part of your social network strategy. Every post should be done for any specific reason like offering a whitepaper, promoting an occasion, or providing valuable information on your followers.

2. Complete your profile

Most LinkedIn members don’t complete their profile that can project an unprofessional image. Imagine should your website was only 50% complete. When you complete your LinkedIn profile, you start out appearing in LinkedIn search results more regularly along with your viewers understand exactly ways to help them to.

3. Post status updates and publish content regularly

The greater amount of information you share, the better individuals will view your profile and interact with you. Sharing valuable information regularly establishes you as a expert with your niche.

4. Improve your network

Add no less than a couple for your network every single day. It takes only a number of seconds to deliver a customized invitation. Each and every time you observe an appealing LinkedIn profile within your sidebar or in the newsfeed, reach out to them and get them how you can enable them to.

5. Get involved in Groups

Find 3-5 active groups where your audience hangs out and join those groups. Participate in conversations by sharing valuable information. Center on helping others and do not self-promote because you can be flagged as a spammer.

6. Start a Company page

A LinkedIn Company page can be a mini-website to your company. You are able to post content, post job openings and promote offers to your visitors. LinkedIn is now improving the company page templates giving your organization more being exposed to LinkedIn’s 300 million members. LinkedIn Company pages also happen in Google search results which can be an added benefit.

7. Stay consistent

Like all things in life, consistency is vital to success. The greater number of active you are on LinkedIn, the greater number of men and women will interact with you, which expands your customer base. The greater your customer base is, the more money you earn.

Perform a little bit on a daily basis and you will probably see success. People see the name on a daily basis plus they get to know, like and trust you since you are normally there sharing great information and helping others.

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