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Summer Headaches and 5 Ways to cope with Them

As being a kid I loved summers, I still do. Summers have always exuded an extremely jovial and cheerful vibe to me. Only one thing about this season that is certainly as bad as the excruciatingly high temperatures, will be the headache which it causes among most of us. And why is it worse is many of us pay no heed to the symptoms and carry on with our routine lives.

Cluster Headaches or Migraines are what they are. When I first experienced it during my college days I used to be afraid I may be facing a severe case of migraine. However, a brief Saridon would relieve me of my woes. I happened to disregard it as it accustomed to last only for several hours throughout the day unlike a severe migraine which can be more intense and lasts a lot longer.

These headaches are invariably triggered by weather changes and may occur anytime while lasting for half an hour to 4 hours. During these constant headaches listed below are the symptoms i experienced:

1. Extreme pain in my temples

2. Pain from the temples above the right or left eye or both.

3. Pain behind the ears

4. Watering of eyes and nose

5. Seeing spots or flashes of lights and temporary reduction in vision

6. Tiredness in the eyes

Each time I found myself in contact with the sun, especially during summers, I would face the above symptoms. In case you are facing them too, then here are the ideas to keep your headaches away this summer.

1. Protect yourself from the sun ( Butalbital online )

Don't you dare set off unprotected during summers! Ample quantities of sunscreen, sun glasses, a scarf to pay your skin along with a cap or hat may serve as your armor. I would personally have advised one to stay at home during the blistering days, and also for the adventurous ones like me that do not listen, you better keep yourself resistant to sunlight should you don't want your entire day ruined.

2. Make your sunscreen close plus your water bottle closer

Dehydration may be the main source of the persistent headaches. Drink tons of water and so i mean loads. The quantity you drink during winters is just not enough for you to deal up during summer. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and sodas which could cause dehydration too. Lots of fruit drinks are the ideal solution. Watermelon is my favorite.

3. Strenuous activities- not recommended

Exercise and sustain your fitness level, but will not go crazy. Especially, not without air cooling! Avoid strenuous activities or outdoor exercises. However swimming can be quite a great choice. It keeps you refreshed and fit too.

4. Perfumes and fragrances? Refrain

If you are the one that loves spraying and reveling in luxurious numbers of perfumes and fragrances then you certainly might too start avoiding it should you suffer from constant headaches. They might be reasons for the irritation. Mild deodorants are the best choice to the season.

5. Eat, drink and sleep well

Eating and drinking healthy may help you in very far to ease you from the painful headaches. A good routine is what you would like. Not completing your stipulated quantities of sleep (6-8 hours a day) is probably not the smartest move to make. You may wind up being grumpy the whole day. So sleep well; in fact, its summer!

An occasion to chill out and appreciate with relatives and buddies!

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