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The Wudang Five Immortals Temple it is actually secluded from the Wudang Mountains of China

‘Kung-Fu’ is actually a relatively modern term used to describe an even more wave of combat art in China which has its roots in a lineage dating back to to almost 2500 yrs ago. The oldest known documents which depict such skills as swordsmanship and bare-hand combat date to approximately this time. Throughout the ages, schools created in their hundreds all over Chinese terrain and what were later to become known as the ‘Martial Arts’ were practiced and perfected in several forms. These arts finally accumulated under the umbrella term ‘Kung-Fu’ or ‘Gong-Fu’ which loosely signifies the particular effort associated with developing a skill which requires much time and devotion to perfect.

The Four Basic Applications

•To shield oneself and subdue the enemy
•To improve somatic vitality
•For performance and display (cultural)
•To cultivate virtue and purify the Mind.

The transmissions, theories and bare-hand combats are classified in 2 main groups as Internal or ‘Neija’ and External or ‘Wai Jia’. The inner practices are widely used to cultivate what is known as ‘One Breath’ and to develop softness, circularity, agility and emptiness. The external practices give attention to developing fierceness and strength and hardness within the student. They cultivate skin, bone and tendon strength. Both external and internal practices are combined in modern teaching and hardness and softness are often cultivated concurrently in order that all aspects of energetic potential are properly understood.

On Heavenly Horse Peak, wudang kung fu, within the humble Five Immortals Temple, Abbot Li Shifu resides and upholds an extremely ancient lineage of karate according to the virtues and values in the old grandmasters. He or she is a master of Gong-Fu along with his teaching practices are committed to the upholding of traditional methods imparted with the ancient elders. He has received many transmissions from many lineages and from the very early age he understood the value of upholding the ancient values which were cultivated through the earliest teachers and has devoted his life for the continuity of the wisdoms. The moral values in the Five Immortals continue being granted by using his teachings so that the disciple from the temple may develop virtuous character in the technique of Gong-Fu

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