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Using Auto Scan

In 1996 the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) mandated that the computer interface for those vehicles sold in the states should meet a common standard. Consequently consumers could go for an auto parts store and pick-up an economical scanner to tug the codes through your ECM themselves. This saved consumers a lot of money given that they didn't pay an auto dealer to acheive it.

Although this is best for an inexperienced mechanic, you continue to have to know tips on how to properly start using these tools. Scanners consist of $20 units which do simply see the code from the ECM, to very sophisticated units which need link with a pc and software updates regularly. A sophisticated scanner costs thousands of dollars and isn't practical for the inexperienced mechanic.


There are many simple steps to while using the scanner. First, you will need to locate the OBDII port on your own vehicle. In almost ever car currently in production, the port is found within the dashboard close to the drivers' door. Locate a white or yellow connector that looks as if it belongs in your home pc.

After you have located the OBDII port in the vehicle you can move to another step. Making sure the auto plus the scan tool are powered off; plug the connector through the scan tool in the ODBII port in the vehicle. After you have the scan tool coupled to the vehicle, power on the scan tool.

On some tools you will need to follow on computer screen prompts but typically, it is now time to transform the ignition switch from the vehicle on the on position. Will not start the automobile yet. The tool will begin to communicate with the ECM and look at any trouble codes which one can find during the memory. On more affordable scanners, you will simply view the code number on the display. You will have to contact your local dealer or look at the documentation that was included with the scanner to discover the meaning of that code.

Occasionally they are able to have multiple meanings so when you have the code, check all of the possible causes thoroughly prior to replace any parts.

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An automobile scanner will interpret that code and then give the appropriate definition. Using the interpretation or definition offered it is now easier to look for the steps to adopt in order to solve the trouble. While using the code definition supplied by the car scanner you may decide to repair the vehicle yourself or take it to the nearest automobile shop to get it repaired. In addition to that, the auto scanner may also run diagnostic test on the car's computer. These tests may help diagnose any hidden defects within your car.

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