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Formed in 2000, AA2000 Security and Technology Solutions Inc, can be a Filipino company focused upon providing excellent electronic security services and safety solutions to match the changing needs of your diverse and rapidly growing client base. Our merchandise is carefully sourced direct coming from the manufacturers and customized based on our customer’s needs. Our company offers products at highly competitive prices. We designed, developed and installed a variety of Home security systems for a variety of commercial and business premises, ranging in proportions and technical complexity. We provide you with excellent pre- and post-sales support in our corporate clients. From the moment you earn an enquiry along with us, we offer unparalleled support and work together with you to identify a resolution that matches your budget plus your specific safety and security requirements.

A lot of people claim that "it is advisable to fall prey to your thief than the usual fire". Simply because a thief is going to take your belongings but leave your residence intact while a fire will leave you with nothing. Fire can be extremely useful and it is even a sign of man's ability to apply technology. However, fire could be a very destructive force. Acting far too late from the instance of any fire cannot only entail the losing of your premises, but of your life at the same time. Because of this , why using a fire alarm at home is required.

We all know that fire alarms are created to alert folks to the potential of a fire into their homes. Although any smoke alarm might be useful, it is often recommended that you go with a specific sort of fire alarm for your own home. The reason being certain types of fire alarms might be more intended for certain places and for others. Just what exactly do you have to decide on?

Fire alarm Philippines

1) Smoke alarms - These are the basic most common sorts of fire alarms. Often, the phrase "smoke alarm" is used interchangeably with "fire alarm". Smoke alarms actually detect smoke and not the exact fire. Can recall the saying, "when there's smoke, there's fire"? Well, this really is basically the same principle utilized by smoke alarms. There are actually generally two kinds of smoke alarms:

a) Photoelectric - This type of fire alarm "sees" the smoke. This fire alarm is very responsive to smoldering fires or any type of fires which provide out a great deal of smoke. These are best for places in which there are stuff like PVC or foam. This fire alarm, though, is a little more expensive than ionization alarms. This fire alarm must also be clean simply because it can give off false alerts as a result of dust and insects.

b) Ionization - This style of fire alarm detects the invisible particles attributable to combustion. Instead of the photoelectric fire alarm "seeing" the smoke, this type "feels" the smoke. This may best detect flaming fires without visible smoke. However, you should not place this type of fire alarm with the cooking because it is prone to false alarms. Also, it is less than other kinds of fire alarms. However, this style of fire alarm does contain a little bit of radioactive material, so it is advisable to be cautious.

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