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4 Destinations Which Make For Any Perfect Monsoon Holiday

So it's that time of the year when rains hits the earth, petrichor rises from your land along with the world becomes beautiful once again. In India however, the scene might be a different. Here, monsoon means a hot plate of fritters with tea and also for wanderers, it means an ideal excuse traveling. Fortunately, India provides you with a variety of terrains to map and explore by using a Pandora box of activities, including trekking, white water rafting, hiking or spending days from the wild. Allow me to share some of these breathtaking locations you must check out.


Sunlight-kissed beaches of the former Portugal town get yourself a replenishing makeover during monsoon. Intoxicating sea breeze, fresh grass and cheerful community enhances the charm of the little township. Then, you will enjoy adventure sports like white water rafting, river cruise in Mandovi River or fishing in the fresh waters of Dona Paula. Dudhsagar Falls, that is trailed down the fringe of Mollem National Park about the outskirts of Goa, can be seen in its full majesty during this season.

Udaipur ( Holidays in India )

No person awaits monsoons such as the cities of Rajasthan, and Udaipur - the area of Lakes - is one of them. The city has a designated palace to the season, called the Monsoon Palace. It was actually built to track the monsoon clouds floating on the region. Sprinkled with historical edifices, this beautiful city is a lush paradise during monsoons. Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake along with the City Palace are some of the must-see attractions of Udaipur.


This hill station of Maharashtra is a great blend of natural and man-made marvels with small scenic waterfalls that run along the perfectly paved highways. The spell of first shower wakes the Sahyadri mountain cover anything from an in-depth summer slumber along with the view is jaw-dropping. The earth dances towards the strong winds and waterfalls plunge down with great fervour. Bypassing Pune-Mumbai Highway, the area is a perfect place to go for weekend getaway.

Leh Ladakh

In case you are not an ardent fan of heavy rains, and wish to travel to a location that receives rainfall in all its pleasantness, Leh Ladakh is the place to suit your needs. Nestled in the far-flung northern corner of India, the area falls under rain shadow area. The Buddhist monasteries here are washed under heavenly showers that shine by using a fresh tinge of gold on being lit by sunlight. During monsoon, the roads clear up and mountain passes open, that makes going to Leh Ladakh a good idea.

Inside a country, where rain is considered a blessing in the Almighty, monsoons mark the arrival of agricultural season and therefore are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Taking cue from that, travellers nationwide believe it is as being the season for the perfect getaway, and attractions spread throughout the land give excuses to accomplish this. 

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