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American Horror Story Unauthorized Tour

Your third season of American Horror Story is dependant on the premise that during the witch trials of Salem-between February 1692 and May 1693-the genuine witches were shrewd and hid their identities therefore they would never to be caught. When the Salem witch hunt and trials began, the true witches got the hell out from Dodge and fled as far south while they could to New Orleans, which had become the new Salem.

As the years passed, many families did not know that they had witches in the family as it failed to appear in every single generation or every girl. Often it skipped a generation. Should you be a witch, you will be treated just like you possessed a disease. It became referred to as the “affliction”. Many families chose not to reproduce away from fear that they would have a youngster together with the “affliction”. Witches was a dying breed.

In 1790, a premiere girls' finishing school named Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies was established new orleans. These ladies were not witches. During the Civil War, the institution became one of several makeshift military hospitals employed to aid wounded soldiers. After the war, in 1868, the reigning Supreme of that particular time, prominent East Coast society matron Marianne Wharton, purchased the finishing school. She retained the name, Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, as being a cover for the witches.

The witches surviving in the finishing school are Cordelia Foxx (headmistress), Fiona Goode (Cordelia’s mother and reigning Supreme), Madison Montgomery (movie star), Zoe Benson (Salem descendant), Queenie (one of the only African-American lines of Salem witches) and Nan (origins unknown). The college should really become a safe haven where young witches could gather to learn. Fiona, the reigning Supreme, has other plans for these people. Because she feels her powers draining, she’s searching for the witch that is another Supreme so she will kill them and continue her reign as Supreme.

These tour locations of American Horror Story will take you to many great sites the location where the show was filmed in New Orleans. Most of these locations possess a rich history of their own.

This tour is not really sponsored, affiliated or associated with the series, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation or FX.

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