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SMS sms messages

SMS sms messages are among the most commonly used methods by advertising agencies and telecom services as a result of to its cost effective cost and also the widespread of SMS sending services around the world.

Advertising SMS are probably the most annoying techiques made use of by advertising agencies, telemarketers, spam senders, ....

Lucikly, it is simple to block texts on your android phone using a 3rd party android app. To block sms messages in your android phone by using this app adopt these measures:

1. Tap around the 'Blacklist' and then click the plus sign on the upper portion of the screen, it would then explain to you a listing of options that can be used to incorporate the telephone number or address for the blacklist.

2. Select 'From recent message' and tap about the spam message from your sender that you want block, it can then demonstrate a dialog to provide that number towards the blacklist, tap in the 'Add' button and any incoming message from that address or contact number will be automatically blocked with the app.

3. The app also can block text messages from band of telephone numbers that get started with, end with or contain specific digits. To do that, from the blacklist tap around the plus sign again which time choose 'Manually' and then pick the option that matches you.

4. You can even filter spam text messages by keyword. To do that tap on 'Settings' and choose 'Message Block Words' and after that add the text that will cause the app to auto block any incoming text containing the language that you simply specified. Be aware not to use common words as accomplishing this will probably cause the app to block a vital SMS.

Note should your android phone is employing android KitKat or android lollipop, then you need setting the app as being the default messenger to be able to block texts on those systems. 

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