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Birds - Parakeet Care

Parakeets are certainly one of America's most in-demand birds today. They are great pets because they are very friendly, possess a cheerful disposition and they are very entertaining. They likewise have very beautiful bright color varieties. Parakeets don't require a lot of maintenance or money.

Parakeets are also known as Budgies or Keets. They are probably the smallest individuals the parrot family. They originate from a desert-like area of Australia where it doesn't rain much, making parakeets very hardy birds. There are a selection of colours, for example yellows, dark greens, pastel blues, purples, solid whites and many mixtures of several colors. The typical life-span of parakeets is 8 to 12 years.

In the wild, parakeets are flocking birds so they are utilized to companionship, so it is best to get multiple. However, retain the birds separate if they are young so that they will get used to humans. Once they get older then you could stick them together. If you intend on keeping just one bird, you need to fiddle with it as far as possible. You need to put a mirror in the cage in order that they won't feel so alone once you aren't there.

You must select the largest cage that you could afford to your talking parakeets. It needs to be large enough to ensure he can comfortably move about. Additionally, you will need room for toys and perches. The minimum dimensions are 20" X 12" X 18". Parakeets are very playful and inquisitive. For this reason, they like having fun with many different toys. They especially love shiny objects, bells, bright colors and objects they can maneuver around because of their beak. Ensure that the toys you acquire don't contain any small parts that your bird could swallow and choke on.

Plenty of parakeets take a long time to develop trust within their owners. It will probably be very shy when you first get one. Each day you ought to just put your finger from the cage before the bird. Eventually it will receive the courage to acquire on your finger. If you possess the patience your bird will learn to trust you, however, many birds even may take months to create trust.

Parakeets enjoy to sing and chirp. They seem to love whenever you play music and may often sing along. While you are gone, you might like to leave the radio on for them. Most parakeets won't learn how to talk. However, it is possible to teach many of them when you are consistent.

Parakeets always need fresh food and water within the cage. They may be vegetarians and like seeds, greens and fruits. Their food needs to have a large variety of millet seeds and grain. Premade seed mixes can be bought at pet stores and supermarkets. Besides the seed mix, you should also provide fresh greens. However, do not leave these inside the cage long or they will likely spoil.

The easiest way to keep your bird healthy is actually by providing a healthy diet and through keeping the water and cage clean. Be sure you clean and sanitize all of the toys and accessories in the cage also. Birds are extremely good at hiding illnesses when you think your bird is acting strangely in any way, make sure to accept it to the vet.

Parakeets are enjoyable to view and create a great companion pet. In the event you supply the correct look after your bird and spend lots of time along with it, you will find a great pet for some time in the future.

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