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Why Call a Professional for Sprinkler Winterization?

Some individuals in and around Bowie think it's okay to complete your own sprinkler winterization. The truth, however, is calling a professional will have a lots of advantages.

First, the outcomes of botching a winterization job may be severe. A blow out could cost you $40-80, according to the person you call, but damages coming from a partial blowout can quickly cost several hundred dollars in sprinkler repairs, specifically if the valves are damaged.

Second, it's easier to screw up a blow out than you might think. Failure to look at your caps, failure to work with an air compressor with all the right psi, or failure to identify indications of a pipe clog may result in... you guessed it!

Third, sprinkler blowouts are hassle-free when you call a specialist. Most quality Bowie MD irrigation contractors prepare for blow-out season months in advance, to quickly knock out jobs in minutes with only a tiny part of the danger of DIY jobs.

Call our Bowie sprinkler repair team to your system winterization needs, therefore you don't have to contact us for your personal sprinkler repair needs!

When Do I Need To Start up My Sprinkler System?

My customers call me and request, "Is it safe to change in my underground sprinkler system now?". In Colorado I actually have seen temperatures drop below freezing as late as June. Naturally which is extremely rare. However it is not necessarily uncommon for Colorado to decrease below freezing over night during April and frequently times, early May. That is certainly what is needed to result in some fairly expensive repairs.


Should it be a dry season, with little rain or snow, I recommend making use of the garden hose to hold dry spots green throughout the month of April. It is rather inconvenient to drag that hose around but start watering late April or early May. Because we normally have the temp drop below 32 degrees inside the month of April, when your technique is activated there is certainly still a slight chance we could freeze in May. So it is best to insulate your vacuum breaker or back flow prevention device. This can be done by wrapping it with old towel, rug or insulation (smart choice) then cover that with a plastic bag. This can minimize the risk you take of freezing. It only takes 32 degrees for a short moment of time to break into the popet and bonnet kit within your vacuum breaker. When it thaws out is if you have this type of water running across the street or into the basement.

Getting your system wrapped will keep the ambient air from getting to the water in the pipes and reduce the potential risk of freezing. The best way to prevent freezing is usually to actually drain the vacuum breaker and manifold system. This can be accomplished by turning away from the main valve normally based in the house or at the curb. Go over to your vacuum breaker and you might use a pea drain where the copper pipe comes out from the wall. Open that and let the water flow out. If not, open the drain inside the valve in the earth. Sometimes this within an automatic drain that you can not open or you will need to unscrew a cap. Many systems have got a drain that could be opened having a key or wrench after the manifold. Utilize a screw driver to open one of the small test ports along the side of you vacuum breaker to produce an air gap. Otherwise the water will not likely emerge, much like once you open one side of your can using a can opener. Next go back into the house and open the drain valve or pea drain situated on the start up valve. This will likely get the water away from your pipes that are exposed to the freezing weather.

Some systems are auto draining as indicated above. In that event switch off the key valve and operate a short manual cycle of every zone. This may open the automatic drains and allow the water to seep out. You will need to open one of many small valves on your own vacuum breaker to allow air in the system. You now will be able to drain this type of water in the vacuum breaker by going back to the key start up and opening the drain located there. You are going to now be protected against freezing and it takes only a short while but can save a lot of money in repairs.

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