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5 Steps to generate a Sorority Paddle

5 Steps to generate a Sorority Paddle

A Sorority paddle is the start of a sisterhood that may be shown with all the special gift from the new member to her big sister from the organization. The greatest thing about finding yourself in a Sorority is it’s an ongoing sisterhood and what better way than in the first place a great gift commemorating that commitment.

So what exactly is a paddle anyway?

A paddle is actually a wood shape how the little sister decorates to offer to the big sister. There are several variations, shapes, and the ways to accomplish this. I’m going to discuss the very best 5 steps to make sure you offer the best paddle within your organization.

1 - Begin with a Creative Idea

In terms of your idea, the sky is definitely the limit. Inside jokes usually work the most effective. We have seen paddles inside the shapes of cartoon characters, food, animals, weapons, etc. Just to offer you more specifics - I have personally made several Hello Kitties, Eeyore, an Alien, a Camaro, a hamburger, Penguins, along with a ton more. If you have a close relationship with the big sister, you can think of a funny concept that is exclusive to her.

2 - Cut or Get your Paddle

You can cut the shape of your own paddle using a jigsaw or get a traditional paddle on the Greek Store or at a number of online paddle companies. You may even have the ability to go to a site where they custom reduce your how to make a sorority paddle.

3 - Find the Letters

According to the scale of your paddle, you might want to use from a ?” letter or approximately 1 ?” letters. The Greek letters of your own organization might be much bigger. We advise you paint the letters with sprain paint you can get in your own home Depot, or some other retailer.

4 - Paint Your Paddle

Painting your paddle might be the most difficult section of the whole thing. The key is start out with the backdrop and work your path up. You should paint the wood first before starting gluing anything to it. Paint your letters separately. Use double sided masking tape to glue your letters to a piece of paper. Use spray paint and let completely dry therefore you can’t get fingerprints. Use painters tape when you have several colors.

5- Glue your letters

Lastly, you are likely to glue your letters using super glue. It is far from necessary to use wood glue. A couple of drops of the super glue is wonderful for you perfectly fine.

They were 5 crucial steps to creating your sorority paddles. Get creative, have a great deal of awareness of detail, and you will have the best paddle in your initiation. Have a great time!

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