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Las Vegas Condos

Southern Nevada’s economy possessed a strong 2014, and appearance poised to develop stronger in 2015. Unemployment from the Vegas stood at 7.5 percent since January 2015, down from 8.9 percent in January 2014 and McCarran Airport set a record for 41,126,512 visitors.
The subsequent articles/bullet points provide more insight to the economy:

Report: Nevada cracks top 10 in economic outlook
Prediction: Las Vegas Home Values Up by 8.4% Through June 2015
Las Vegas/Clark County Economic Data
Total $ amount of new construction projects planned each year.

2015 $1,570,000,000
2016 $624,000,000
2017 $4,000,000,000

Average sales price for single family/condos and town-homes.

2009 $170,118
2010 $166,917
2011 $152,924
2012 $165,998
2013 $214,218
2014 $237,041
2015 YTD $242,049

Current Luxury Property Advisors Promotions: ( Veer Condos )

List your residence on the market for only 5% commission.
Leasing fees of 1 months’ rent capped at $2,000
6% property management (5% for multi-residence clients.)
We shall match Redfin’s buyers rebate program.

Featured Luxury Real Estate Property Advisors Resale Deals

Best price 2bd at Veer at $569k w/ a tenant paying $2500
Best priced 1bd strip view at Newport Lofts at $235k
Best price Penthouse at Mandarin priced at $1,995,000
Golf and Red Rock Canyon views from our Mira Villa residence. @ $675k

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Developer Deals

Veer Towers

Studio 1810 E - Leased at 1,350 Sales price $271,000 w/ 2 yrs of free HOA dues.
Studio 1809 E - Leased at 1,400 Sales price $271,000 w/ a couple of years of free HOA dues.

Turnberry Towers

1 bd, #704 @ $285,000 with tenant set up paying $1,650 w/eighteen months of HOA dues
2 bd, #401 @ $400,000 with tenant in place paying $2,375 w/ 18 months of HOA dues

Park House

2bd #123 $240,000 using a tenant in place paying $2000 w/ six months time of free HOA dues.
2bd #208 $240,000 having a tenant in place paying $2170 w/ six months of free HOA dues.

Please contact us if our office can assist you with buying/selling or managing commercial and residential real-estate.

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