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5 Cons of Entry-Level Banking and Finance Jobs

Having a banking job is the simplest way to start off an occupation in the finance industry. Once you be in, it's not so difficult to maintain your job. When you start out as a bank teller, you might be viewed as a student of the bank. There, you discover the particulars of the market, preparing you to your venture in to the bigger realm of corporate finance.

Alas, with the advantages come the disadvantages also.

1. Fixed Schedule

Should you enter in the banking industry being a teller, you'll find that you have no control whatsoever of your own schedule. This is in sharp contrast to other financial career paths for instance a financial consultant who works whenever he wants. At low-end banking jobs, you work the standard day shift. Even if you want to work overtime to get a little bump inside your pay, you can't do so unless there's a directive through the higher ups.

2. Salary Expectations ( Click for information )

If you're drawn into the industry of finance as a result of commitment of financial freedom, prepare to be disappointed. If you're just starting out, don't be prepared to be paid as much as the veterans are. Instead, use your current situation as being a starting position. Work your path up diligently from that point. So long as you're within the banking business, you're virtually set if you're hardworking.

3. Employment Difficulty

As stated before, it's easy to help keep your position within a bank once you get into. Getting into is an additional matter. You will probably find that it is a little hard to get employed having a bank. When obtaining a teller, a background in customer service is smiled upon although not a requirement. Whenever you do get in, however, the education you get and also the skills you develop can be applied in other career paths.

4. You're right in front Line

Entry level banking jobs mean you're gonna be doing the speaking with customers. As a person with customer care experience will tell you, this is often stressful. You will have customers which simply can't be reasoned with. You're likely to have to do a lot of mental preparation to live it.

5. Potential Hazards

Banks are susceptible to robbery. It may not happen as frequently as the cliche goes, but it is still plausible. Most banks offer training concerning how to handle robberies so you only need follow protocol if this type of event happens; God forbid.

If you wish to remain in the finance industry, there's no better way to enter than via a bank.

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