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Getting United Artist Theater Discount Movie Tickets

Are you presently spending way too much on movie tickets lately? I realize exactly how you feel. Considering the variety of great movies out this season, it's easy to blow your money on movie tickets. But what is the strategy to enjoy good movies without burning an opening in your wallet as well? You're fortunate! At the United Artist Theater, you can earn points to get discount movie tickets!

My friends and that i love watching movies. It's the best way to loosen and relax right after a long work day. However, using the increasing prices of movie tickets, watching a film per week could possibly get pricey. That's why when the lady with the ticket booth informed us that we could earn points to have discount tickets at the United Artist theater, we had been ecstatic!

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Earn points to get discount tickets? Yes, you read it correctly! The individuals at Regal Cinemas (the mom company of United Artist Theater) have devised ways to allow you to earn points whenever you watch a film to get a ticket - free? Here's how:

1.Join the Tickets at the office membership program

This program is totally free! By joining it, you might be made eligible to earn points.

2.Watch a film, Buy drinks and food and earn!

Present your membership card each time you watch a movie, buy popcorn or soda. You may be given points for every purchase!

3.Exchange points for any movie ticket

Once you've earned enough points, you can exchange the credit you earned for a movie ticket!

To my knowledge, United Artist theaters provide SuperSavers passes that enable you to see any feature at any United Artist location, if you purchase 50 more tickets at the discounted price.

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