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Internet Marketing through Facebook

As Facebook users ourselves, we probably already have a slight concept of the things that work and what doesn't. Consider: what inclines one to join that Group or visit that company's page? Well, one thing's for sure - Facebook marketing requires communicating for your audience, and not just passive advertising. This will make this one of the best online channels for the internet marketing company to promote in.

Rule No. 1 to marketing? Comprehend the demographics of your own audience.

Below are a few facts on Facebook's U.S users:

In the U.S alone, Facebook has 60 million users. ComScore reports the average quantity of unique visitors to Facebook within a month circles around 150 million, of which half of these users come back to the website daily. Faccebook projects that 75% of worldwide users will be away from college.

According to findings from Nielsen and NetRatings, this has been observed from Facebook's U.S users that just over half are female, almost 60% have some college education, 14% are non-white, 34% work professionals holding executive, sales, education or technical posts, 12% are full-time students and 12% have children under 16. Not surprisingly, Facebook internal data shows that users have aged in the last year, using a high amount of older users now.

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An additional way to market your business on Facebook is through applications. Create useful applications that model what users are already doing - which is, sharing information, experiences and making use of humour. Plan your application such that it has a viral and rippling effect, and get feedback from users once it has been launched.

Be sure you communicate with your users, as opposed to just flash advertisements at them. Users on Facebook desire to be engaged with, not just spoken to. Facebook creates the platform for interactivity and participation, so maximise it! Have a good time building your Group page or application. Should you do, chances are users will have fun using it too. This may be your initial attempt with Facebook marketing, or perhaps you've tried once or twice. Maintain your eyes and ears available to the activity taking place in this space, and follow in which the people are going.

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