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You will probably hear Costa Ricans greet you “Pura Vida,” which suggests the good life. Since the fee for living is low, this gives you the opportunity live like royalty in Costa Rica.

To Have Like Royalty in Costa Rica means you receive more for your money.

Property Taxes. A property in Costa Rica having a market price of $350,000.00 probably have an annual tax rate close to $300.00 if based in a coastal region and $150.00 if based in remote mountainous regions. It will be better in the usa.

Rent. A three bedroom house with two bathrooms will cost $800 - 4,000 monthly in the united states, while it'd be $300 - 1,200 in Costa Rica.

Utility Costs. A standard three bedroom home with American amenities would be around $80-$200 monthly in Costa Rica. Water and sewer are under $20 monthly. Electricity average cost/kWh is $.0973 in the US, and around $.061 in Costa Rica.

Transportation and Fuel Costs. Vehicles and gasoline are more expensive retire in costa rica, around 25% higher. However, car maintenance and diesel are usually more affordable, as well as bus systems and taxi cabs, in comparison with other countries.

Food Costs. It varies on if it is actually a domestic product. Should it be locally produced, it really is definitely inexpensive; however, when it is imported from your US or some other countries, it may be very costly. Small restaurants offer a complete meal for just $3, while gourmet quality dining from coastal areas and resorts is going to be around $20 - $30 per person. Groceries may or may not be less, again, depending on the products you opt to buy.

Communication Costs. An infinite Internet connection (256/128 kb/sec)/month in the united states is $47.90, while only $28.25 in Costa Rica. Basic home phone services are $14 in the usa and $5.25 in Costa Rica. Cellular telephone service is just about $10-$25 in Costa Rica, according to usage. A cell phone with 500 anytime minutes plus taxes costs around $40 - 60 in the US, and is $10 - 15 in Costa Rica with free incoming calls.

Entertainment Costs. Basic cable television each month is $40 in the US, and $30 in Costa Rica. Entertainment and miscellaneous expenses are around $100 - 500 in the usa, and are typically $20 - 50 in Costa Rica. A movie is $8 in america, while it's approximately $3.50 in Costa Rica.

Health Care. The normal yearly value of a private health plan for males between 55-59 years old is $3,695 in the united states, and is considerably less, around $36, in Costa Rica.

You could possibly consider other countries, but, aside from its organic beauty, good and affordable healthcare and friendly people, Costa Rica truly does offer more at a discount. Margo Ackerman relocated down to Costa Rica several years back and from now on shares her experiences and other tips regarding residing in Costa Rica in hopes of helping other expats, or those planning to make the transition themselves. If you are searching for subscribing to her blog or to keep up up to now on the listings, please sign-up at http://ackermanrealtyinternational.com/subscribe-today/.

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