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Different Types of Hospitality Management Systems


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Different kinds of Hospitality Management Systems

Hospitality management systems would be the software that runs your hospitality business. Through the food ordering system within your restaurant, to online accommodation booking software, it enables efficient communication and control over your operation, ultimately increasing revenues.

With a range of Hospitality management systems to pick from, understanding what is available is vital to discover the best system that is certainly tailored for your requirements and budget. According to the type of operation you manage, you should look at the next systems, their advantages and suitability for your company.

Accommodation management software:

Accommodation software packages range from those targeted at B&Bs and small motel owners to ones for running big hotels, clubs and resorts. The basic package offers simple guest and room management, whilst the more complicated ones cover every aspect necessary to manage and run a big hotel chain. This can include reservations, service, retail, inventory, staff roster and training, accounting plus much more.

Front desk: A front office software program should enable reception staff to record all bookings, state of rooms, guest details and expenses, coordinate restaurant reservations for guests, plan housekeeping duties and process guest check-in and check-out. They need to in addition provide a means to convey effectively with all travel agents and activity operators connected to the system. Features you must consider include: Reports for arrivals & departures on the specific date. Guest ledger and reservation details, including activities and special requests. Room rates, discounts, package deals, group bookings, etc. Visual schematic of hotel rooms and status. Visual schematic of calendar with room availability. Facility for printing check-in cards for guests. Flexibility in re-assigning guests to various room. Facility to simply add charges to rooms from restaurants, spa, gift shop, etc. Incorporate all payment options upon check-out and print receipt. Print work roster for staff Facilities for storing guest history Communicate efficiently with reservation and travel specialists

Housekeeping/maintenance software: Easy-to-use software to the housekeeping and maintenance departments of your accommodation place will raise the efficiency of cleaning and servicing of rooms. Main highlights of this module will likely be: Keeping track of room status - dirty, cleaned, inspected, check-ins and look-outs, etc. All information like variety of guests, quantity of beds, period of stay, special requests (e.g. baby cot, high chair) ought to be visible to both housekeeping staff and management. Staff can enter maintenance issues because they arise, and people are automatically sent to the constant maintenance department. Staff can request cleaning materials and toiletries ordered. Staff can record laundry status for uninterrupted linen supply.

Online reservation system: This software package is important to any accommodation place. It helps you increase direct online bookings instantly. Prospective guests can observe rooms in hotels (size, selection of beds), availability and costs, plus services and facilities offered. The systems must have instant confirmation of bank card payments or some other secure online payment method. After payment of deposit and confirmation by email, guests should certainly login to view or change their reservation details. Cancellation policies needs to be stated, airport transport options mentioned.

Hospitality management systems for reason for sale (POS) operations: This includes restaurants and bars, your accommodation gift shop, spa, tour desk and also other guest services. It ought to have the options of direct payment or charge to room. In addition to recording normal vending operations, it will include issuing daily transaction reports to management or maybe the accounting office, as well as a daily revenue report.

Inside the POS sector there are many operating hospitality management systems catering to the food vendor sector, namely restaurants, cafes, takeaway shops and delis.

Restaurant (POS) management packages. For POS management packages, you will find the selection of an off-the-shelf system for restaurants and cafes, where one can set the options that fit your operation, or perhaps a customised one, specifically configured to your business. Most systems are very simple to use and so are cost effective. Their features vary, but many provide the following: Order taking, tallying, and cashier options utilizing a hand-held PDA system. Credit-card processing interface Receipts customized for your business. The greater number of advanced systems provide: Integrating all transactions along with your accounting software. Full inventory/stocktaking facility Translation facilities to selected languages.

Administration software: This module is directed at top management and gives use of all amounts of the organization. It gives instant access to the data base of most sectors, ensuring total transparency of operations Overseeing and early intervention by senior staff can prevent mistakes being manufactured by inexperienced employees and cut costs along with the standing of your small business. · Other facilities in this particular package can include:

Tools for setting different rate systems for rooms and services: daily, seasonal, special promotions, etc. Statistical data - percentage occupancy over set periods, as well as other data employed for policy making and customized reports for board meeting presentations. Organizing promotions and package deals. Inventory for a variety of departments. Employee accounts and employee training programs

Remember: with the high staff turnover common to the hospitality industry, it is very important select a system that needs minimal training to make use of, and contains 'secure areas', which only authorised personnel (using the proper clearance) may access and make use of.

Choosing and introducing hospitality management systems for your business is a substantial undertaking, both operationally and financially. But once ready to go, the machine improves efficiency, cut costs and boost the service with your company. You will possess happier staff and happier guests, which will promote your business and ultimately improve your revenue.

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