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VIPole Secure Messenger

Right right from the start of your energy, man has always communicated; howbeit much slower. The use of messenger pigeons evolved slowly and gradually into what we should know today as snail mail, then telegrams, the phone came soon after, fax, email etc. Communication has become, and will be a human necessity. The necessity to interact with people is overwhelming.

Today, you can find practically hundreds of approaches to transfer information from point A to point B without having to break a sweat. The Info and Communications Technology era has made everything beautiful. Secure instant messaging is the thing that the entire world currently thrives on. Several applications have already been created to support this, and like every other thing, it is always looking for constant improvement.

ViPole is the fact improvement we seek. It is a business group chat application with secure instant messaging, private voice and video calls. Best security and true end-to-end encryption for your business that perfectly guards sensitive data - chats, messages, calls and files from eavesdropping and interception.

Featuring its advanced business features, it can be obviously the best option to get a messenger for desktop. The recording chat app is first rate, using the sleek form of its interface along with its general software architecture. The recording chat application supports video conferencing. Within VIPole, you are able to adjust and set required video quality depending on your channel capacity.

The voice chat application has some cool features too. They have something called “voice changer”. This assists you to modify the voice heard by the user on the other end. You could make it sound very low or the other way around high when you so wish. You can also independently adjust number of the speakers and microphone during a call.

Video conferencing in the video chat app enables simultaneous communication up to 9 participants. Any participant within a video conference can invite any user from his contact list towards the conference room.

It will definitely not matter whether you are employed in a project team or run a corporation, I doubt you will be pleased in case you heard that information on a private meeting you experienced became public knowledge. With the group chat for business, we understand better than most how important it really is to make sure maximum security for corporate messaging and defend your information from leaks and interception, which occurs mostly over Internet Protocol.

You can download messenger here: https://www.vipole.com/en/

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