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Varieties of Solar Energy Systems for Commercial or Private Use

The essential works and great things about installing a solar powered energy system into either your own home or commercial property are pretty straight forward - it helps you save money and it helps the surroundings. If your property has a reasonable quantity of rooftop surface with regular exposure to sunlight then you are fit to setup solar panel collectors, but there's a bit more to it than that.

What sort of collector you should employ will vary dependant upon several factors, but we'll save that detail for an additional day. For now, it is very important know that there are many of numerous solar powered energy systems utilized, each using their own perks and purposes that are great for various environments and lifestyles. The 4 main solar technology systems in use include grid connected, stand alone grid connected, off grid, and stand alone off grid.

Grid Connected Solar Power

Grid connected solar technology is less determined by exposure to the sun than other method of solar technology. Irrespective of the power of direct sunlight or be it day or night, your solar powered energy method is associated with your existing electricity supply, this means you gain access to electricity at all times.

There is no necessity for battery storage with these kinds of system, and no requirement to concern yourself with varying weather conditions - if the sun sets, your power simply automatically switches to your previous output supply.

Stand Alone Grid Connected Solar Powered Energy ( View this site )

These standalone grid connected systems are simply your customary grid connected solar energy systems with the added purpose of storing energy. Whilst battery storage is not really vital with this type of system, if you do not prefer to switch to another power source from the evenings and in the event of overcast skies, then it is a solution both useful and additional eco friendly.

Off Grid Solar Power

If you are searching for the solar powered energy solution but are not able to hook up to the key electricity grid due to your location, then it is an off grid system that you desire. Also called remote power systems, off grid solar power is common in property (commercial or residential) which is more remote as opposed to others.

This method is installed entirely separate to the mains electricity grid, meaning in other words, the power output is entirely dependent on sun light exposure and sunlight intensity. The energy is commonly used immediately and automatically, and is also absent during periods without sunlight.

Stand Alone Off Grid Solar Power

The downfall of off grid solar system would be that the energy supply is absent in the evening or in overcast weather. As a result, largest part of off grid systems are installed with all the utility to store the electricity generated by solar panel systems, in the same way a battery does. If energy is essential for much longer, more reliable periods, then this is a suitable option.

This breakdown will be the basics behind identifying which solar system is most effective for your residence or business, and which system will provide sufficient energy for your various energy uses (for example solar hydronics or solar water pumping). Thinking about the pros and cons of each solar power system, reflecting on the energy use and considering your locations are the first steps when making the electricity switch.

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