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Free Phone Directory

* Free Reverse Directory - Whose number is this?

Exactly what is a reverse directory?

A phone number looking to reach you, but you do not know who is the subscriber? Reverse Directory France gives an efficient and free service * making it possible to find, in any discretion, which would be to this issue that evokes a priori anything to suit your needs.

Unlike traditional yearbook based its research with a name associated with his city so that you can know its number, through the search is reversed. Once the subscriber is incorporated in the directory, you will get his name and address.

Knowing identity or geographical area from the landline number.

From the home page, enter in the number and then click the button "I search".

With regards to a fixed number, you'll immediately identify the subscriber when the Телефонный справочник. If unlisted, we are going to propose the geographical area of ??the average person or professional who may have attempted to call you. Depending on the density from the region where it can be located, you will definitely get, after payment, the closest large town or perhaps the name of your district it is probably the main French municipalities. When there is a number starting with "09" off book, we shall not be able to offer this additional service.

Identify a mobile number.

In case a holder of any fixed number or 09 is by default within the directory, the key is reversed on mobile numbers. Here is the subscriber of the line that has to make the request to show its operator. According to the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts (ARCEP), just about 10% of customers' operators took this method. The most efficient solution therefore remains to listen to the greeting from the mobile number without having the holder being informed of this research. In the event that the messaging is the operator and might not therefore be instructive, we'll refund. This technique is compatible with major operators like Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free Mobile and also with the "MVNO" as Virgin Mobile, Numericable, NRJ Mobile ...

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