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Kickboxing Training - Get a lean body Fast!

Kickboxing training is certainly a effective means of practicing for building endurance and strength and properly done will give you in top condition fast. This program uses equipment including heavy bags, speed bags and also other devices that are familiar to anyone who has ever observed a boxer training on tv, and involves the trainee doing some punches and kicks much like karate usually in three-minute rounds by using a minute rest in-between.

There are numerous other variations but this is actually the most frequent form.

The heavy bag builds strength and power in your muscles as the various speed bags improve your reflexes and speed. Substantial calories are burned during this training as it can be pretty rigorous when done by an advanced trainee. Begin slowly by doing two rounds of two minutes each with two minutes rest in-between. This will likely allow an introductory degree of effort ahead of the more intense training to follow.

Make use of the heavy bag to the first round and switch to the rate bag for round two. After 2-3 weeks on this, improve your training to intermediate level by doing three rounds of three minutes. Round you ought to be around a heavy bag, for round two use the speed bag, while round three is performed with all the reflex bag. Try this workout for 3 weeks before progressing for the advanced level which can be done as follows:

Speed bag- 3 minutes - Use a rapid, light, circular punching motion to construct speed and co-ordination.

1 minute rest ( Kickboxing Atlanta )

Heavy bag- 3 minutes - Alternate punching and kicking blows while boosting your power by striking the bag in several areas and heights.

1 minute rest

Floor free-standing reflex bag- 3 minutes - This tool can be obtained at most of the sporting goods retailers and is a wonderful addition to any home boxing gym. Strike this bag with some other style punches using both a speed and power approach.

Rope jumping or running in-place- 3 minutes - Repeat this sequence as conditioning permits.

As you can see, rest periods stay at 1 minute and training rounds time out at three minutes. This is dependant on traditional boxing training, which mimics actual fighting times during a match. To create this training more interesting, pretend that you are currently in an actual professional bout and dance around punching and jabbing while dodging and weaving to protect yourself from your imaginary opponent's blows.

This type of training lends itself to HIIT Training but that is a subject for any future article.

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