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Ways to get Recurring Income to your Computer Repair Business

Unless you want to live paycheck-to-paycheck, establishing recurring revenue to your computer repair business is essential. Without one, your revenue will not be predictable which is challenging to plan for the future of your own business. Without this I will not have managed to stop my job to start employed by myself. Having this set up was huge for me personally - and it must be apart of your own plan too.

Basic Business Models

On the planet of computer repair (and computer consulting in general) you will be handling residential users and businesses. With all these types of clients you will probably be offering one of two services: Break/fix Support or Managed Services (which can still include break/fix support.)


Break/fix service is exactly what it appears like - something breaks, you repair it. There may be usually very a minimum of preventative maintenance happening. The customer only calls if they are having problems. It will be a few months or perhaps a year or more somewhere between visits towards the client.

This can be unhealthy for both you and also your client.

It is actually unhealthy for your client because several of the problems they call about could have been foreseen and therefore prevented. Or otherwise the harm that was done might have been minimized. It's not good just to watch your clients only when disaster strikes since they might associate you with when their computers as well as other technology will not be cooperating.

There is no means of knowing the fitness of their computers without actively monitoring their systems. Being ignorant to this particular is incentive for break/fix providers - they receive money when stuff breaks. Not beneficial to the buyer.

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And it's not at all healthy for you. There's no chance of predicting when clients will call and want your professional services. How can you plan and budget without knowing that? It's pretty hard to.

Managed Services

Managed services is useful for you and your client. This really is typically a great way to support business clients (especially if you have the experience with networks, servers, etc.) By looking after your client's systems you can offer a much higher level of service. With this type of business model, the client pays that you simply fee every month to maintain their computers. "Maintain" could be defined by you together with what services you want to offer. You may also offer unlimited support.

Typically how this works is you bill a fee per computer a month. You may also possess a higher fee for servers because they could be more advanced and a lot more time consuming to back up.

This is ideal for both you together with your client! Your client gets proactive, managed support and you get predictable monthly income.

So, how would you get recurring income to suit your needs computer repair business?

Sell maintenance and/or unlimited support contracts. Each contract needs to be tailored to every single clients' needs and systems. Every one of your customers will most likely have different contracts and services according to certain factors like:

How many computers they may have

How frequently they need the services you provide

Age of computers

What services they think are important to them

Whether or not they use a server

What kind of service they really want (maintenance only or unlimited support)

Each scenario will determine what you charge the customer.

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