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How you can Recycle or Donate Eyeglass

Spring cleaning can cause you to find all sorts of treasures hiding the back of the drawer, old eyeglass as a common find for anyone lacking 20/20 vision. So what do you do with old eyeglass as soon as the prescription (and the style!) is not suitable? You definitely shouldn’t just throw them:

Recycling nightmare: Because eyeglass are composite products, created from many different materials all fused together, recycling them is next to impossible and few facilities exist for that reason.

Missed opportunity: Were you aware that the buying price of some glasses is frequently up to three-months’ income for anyone in developing countries? Not only that, but 36 million people on earth are needlessly blind! These folks need glasses and could definitely use yours, so don’t waste the type of material by throwing them away!

Rather than throwing your glasses inside the trash, make a difference by donating old eyeglasses into a charitable organization. There are several types of eye equipment that you could donate to charitable organizations in order to avoid waste resources from going to the landfill, including:

Prescription eyeglass
Reading glasses
Prescription sunglasses
Non-prescription sunglasses
Low vision aids and magnifiers

Where you can donate used eyeglass

The easiest method to recycle used eyeglass manufacturer is usually to send them to a charitable organization. These medical missions, typically referred to as “joy clinics” because of the relief they bring to people around the world, will redistribute your prescription eyeglass to people in poor, rural locations where eye doctors rarely visit and the fee for eyeglass is simply too high.

So, how can you donate eyeglass? Start with preparing them for the recycling center by removing any loose or broken pieces after which cleaning them. Next, look for where you can donate used eyeglass using these resources:

Eyesight charities: Our recycling database includes a whole set of organizations where you can donate eyeglass by just dropping them off.

Eyeglass drop-off sites: Most major eyeglass retailers may have a drop-off box for collecting used eyeglass for redistribution to medical charities.

Understand that even when there’s not really a drop-off center in your neighborhood, most of these eyeglass recycling programs will let you mail within your used eyewear for recycling.

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