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7 Steps to Implementing a different Telephone System

Business telephone systems are normally vital on the pulse from any company. Businesses must go through the procedure for purchasing and transitioning from one telephone system to another typically between 5 and 7 years. Whether an organization is upgrading their old digital system, installing a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enabled system or implementing a Hosted PBX or Virtual PBX from Hosted VoIP Providers, the transition is normally painful. This lacks to generally be the truth, though. Here are some steps that can lower the disruption in changing telephone systems:

1. Usually Do Not Wait Until the very last Minute to generate a Decision on the telephone System. Telephone system vendors will agree with any type of installation period of time to ensure a sale. However, the much less time they may be given, the sloppier cellular phone will likely be. Planning for a proper installation needs time that may not be below the command over the owner or Hosted VoIP provider. Small systems need at the least 3 weeks for preparation. Larger systems require a longer period and a few might need a few months. If telephone service is being switched from a single carrier to a different one, then time for porting phone numbers needs to be factored into your equation. Carriers must be able to estimate enough time that it requires to port that may be around 60 days.

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2. Identify All Telephone Lines and What They Do. This could are done just before the decision was made on the telephone system. Whether it has not been done, do it immediately. Use phone bills or call the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) to identify the lines and numbers. If you have still some uncertainty around specific lines and circuits, call them. Eliminate any which are not used and make certain the new system or Hosted PBX service accommodates all that are required.

3. Understand the Installation Schedule newest Telephone Circuits. Will the newest circuits be ready over time for setting up the modern telephone system? Each type of telephone circuit requires different hardware components into the telephone system. If there is an opportunity which the new circuits will never be ready, then discuss with the brand new telephone system vendor exactly how the old circuits will probably be handled with the new system.

4. Have Got All Individual and Departmental Needs Been Met? Hopefully the new telephone system vendor helped review all individual and departmental needs to make sure the new telephone system or Hosted PBX service could handle them. Review each department to be sure the requirements are known. Organize how individuals and departments uses each phone system or Virtual PBX feature.

5. Know that will get every type of phone. If different models of phones were purchased, decide in front of the installation who around the company will get every type of phone. Be sure that phone will handle the functions used by every individual or department.

6. Be sure the Network is prepared for VoIP Telephones. In the event the new phone system includes VoIP telephones with an IP enabled telephone system or possibly a Hosted PBX service from a Hosted VoIP provider, examine the data network to ensure it is ready to handle the VoIP traffic. Does data cabling exist to any or all phone locations? Do remote VoIP users outside the office have broadband Internet? How can the remote VoIP user's phones connect returning to the IP enabled telephone system? Might it be exposed to the Internet? Connected via private network, VPN or Session border controller? Does your telephone vendor know this answer?

7. Have an Implementation Meeting along with the Vendor's Project Manager. The implementation meeting will guarantee that everyone is about the same page. Dates must be looking for installation in the meeting. Discover how long the transition can take place. Could it take place during the working day, after hours or around the weekend? How will calls get answered during the transition? Furthermore, the answers to steps 2 through 6 really should be discussed.

Telephone system transitions may be exciting and painful as well. Although following these 7 steps will never guarantee a perfect installation, it can decrease the probability of nasty surprises.

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