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Pitless Raises for Commercial and residential Establishments in Singapore

It’s excellent to possess a home lift up, especially when you have to do a number of excursions down and up your house. Though it contributes to your everyday measure of exercising, utilizing the stairs everyday could be tiresome. This is why some home owners have fitted their very own residence lifts for efficiency and usefulness.

Some home-owners and in many cases business owners are very certain about the kind of pick up they desire for their position. Now we have discover consumers that have formerly fitted ‘L’ shaped standard software raises, but before long determined that it will be difficult to carry over the option from the lift up to work it. Plus, other folks will not realize its visually interesting.

Meyer Technology has several kinds of pitless raises to offer you, both for commercial and residential use. We are one of the frontrunners in pitless pick up installment professional services in Singapore. We discover imaginative solutions to personalize your pick up encounter - offering exactly the best in residential lift, providing alleviate, coziness together with a new degree of design and style to your property.

We make sure that the house raises and commercial elevators operate correctly to create your potential customers, unique practical experience along with your business to a higher level of convenience it deserves.

Pitless raises are the most effective selection for new improvements plus for present structures with 2 to 6 tales or flooring surfaces - a maximum of 18 yards. Pitless raises include the means to fix structural limitations that will probably protect against setting up raises that have no offered shafts, as a result offering an increase in availability. At Meyer Engineering, our imaginative technological innovation is equivalent to that made use of by most typical raises - all presenting reliability, comfort and ease according to our clients’ demands.

All of our pitless lifts are adjustable and custom-made for installing each in and out of of your developing, and can also be positioned in a modular framework. It could be a completely new replacing a regular shaft enabling additional freedom in locating in which the pick up will be put in.

Positive aspects

-Eliminates the need for expensive reducing of pieces and reinforcements

-Minimizes the requirement for creating a appliance place

-Can have a large weight

-Can come in various designs and styles to fit your inside

So whether you want comfort, practicality, or elevated convenience at your residence, commercial business or possibly in other places, Meyer Technology has the remedy to provide you with. Our cutting-benefit technology matches every type of non commercial unit, industrial device and also other developing components. Consult with experts initial, well before selecting the form of elevate that your residence demands. All raises may be set up in any sort of creating, although not all complexes will surely have any sort of elevate - you have to know exactly what is very best. 

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