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Brayola Might be a Serious Contender for ladies Companion

A startup out from Israel is changing how women shop for bras. Brayola has created a platform that has personalized and customized the bra selection process.

Bra shopping could be torturous. There’s no perfect science on it. Much like most clothes, different brands size differently. And let’s keep in mind that 2/3 of females are walking during the wrong size bra to begin with. Many women I realize, myself included, get so frustrated with online bra shop shopping, that if we happen to discover bra unicorn that will fit perfectly, we attach a fierce loyalty that is definitely difficult to break.

Brayola knows our struggles. They’ve taken an innovative course and decided to give crowdsourcing a try. So, how do you crowdsource an ideal bra, especially when purchasing a bra online? First you will need to determine what women are already wearing and loving. Here’s how their platform works:

First-time Brayola users are required to create their unique personal Brayola drawer. This would incorporate an accumulation of bras she already owns and loves, including her size.

The Brayola team then scans their database to find other users from the system that own a similar bras with exactly the same size. Brayola then finds an ideal bra through its crowdsourced algorithms and data.

Brayola will then suggest the ideal style, size, and shape bra to fit an individual.

The founder of Brayola is Orit Hashay. She’s a serial entrepreneur with well over fifteen years experience. Prior to Brayola, she was accountable for Israel’s most desired wedding site, Mit4Mit. She provides extensive expertise in software and business development, in addition to some experience in as being a female (obvi).

Hashay explains on the Brayola website why crowdsourcing bras actually works: “Although we love to to believe we have been unique, and that we are :-) some parts people are similar to other women all around the world. Somewhere out there, there are actually women which happen to have my size, shape, style and taste…”

If you’re a guy and you’ve caused it to be this far, congratulations! Because of this you are aware of from your women inside your life which the struggle is real (or maybe you couldn’t care less regarding the struggle, but appreciate seeing women in well-fitting bras). In any event ., this is a topic that both genders can be helped by.

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