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Sharks - The Things You Did Not Know

The very thought of sharks invokes images from Hollywood movies: predatory creatures, out for blood, deliberately hunting down unwary beachgoers. The thing is that, they don't even like to eat people. Human blood doesn't get them going how the blood of the stuff they actually eat does. And whenever they attack, it's usually simply a single bite.

Fish and seals together with other various sea creatures comprise that fearsome hunter's diet. And they've evolved wonderfully to match their trade; strong, fast, nimble, and lots and several teeth, that is a big a part of why we discover them so scary.

People are most likely to be in danger of an shark attack after they inadvertently mimic the behaviour of your shark's prey. One example is, a surfer who has swum far out from shore which is thrashing around, looking to get into position to ride an enormous wave, may seem like an injured seal to some shark. The surfer is has not a clue that their behavior is attracting the shark. In a manner, it's like a hapless swimmer who gets caught inside a riptide and pulled over to sea. It's just an unfortunate coincidence.

Nevertheless, out of the lots of people who visit beaches year after year, just 12 are killed by sharks. Also, there are practically 90 shark attacks yearly, with a lot of them being just bumps or nudges, usually only leaving a bruise. Of course this can be a tragedy whenever a major accident occurs, but we must keep in mind that they are accidents instead of intentional actions by tiger shark.

Did you know falling coconuts have been ten times more detrimental to people than sharks? It is true! Also the most aggressive sharks, for example the tiger shark plus the great white shark, almost never attack people. Driving towards the ocean could be more dangerous when compared to a shark because 40,000 people die because of driving in the united states annually.

When a person is bitten by way of a shark, needless to say the victim deserves sympathy. But hence the hundreds of sharks which is to be hunted and killed in revenge. The sharks do not know exactly what they have done or why we want to kill them; unlike humans, they can't be told why they are being put through a punishment. We certainly have only two choices: to kill sharks, or even tolerate them peacefully. Killing them hasn't made us safer, so perhaps we have to try the 2nd option.

Even though the Hollywood image of sharks has left people afraid of the water, it's essential to keep in mind they are certainly not looking for humans as prey. However, they sometimes mistake people as prey, when the people mimic the prey's behavior. Even so, only one dozen roughly people out of the millions that swim during the oceans every year, get killed with a shark attack.

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