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The Christ Consciousness is accessible to All People

This has been an honor for me to sign up from the 12 Holy Days of Christmas, a very special season where the veil is lifted involving the two worlds. These worlds really are one with angels, teachers, and also the Christ all awaiting our preference to are aware of the truth in their existence. The thought of the Christ has long been hidden in dogma and man's law. I think the Christ being section of the divine Trinity: Father, Son or Daughter (the Christ), and Holy Spirit Mother. The Christ may be the "love of God made manifest." The Christ will not be any person but an "office" or "position" we all attain to. I didn't say we had been there, but aspiring to the. Jesus came to show us the manner in which. He sacrificed himself to evolve the entire planet and each of our souls. Why did He say, "You might do greater works than I." if your potential was not there?

The subsequent quotes come from my book "Christmas Meditations on the Twelve Holy Days December 26 - January 6" My book can be a compilation of my 26 year meditation journey with the 12 holy times of Christmas. My book works extremely well all year when we travel through each manifestation of the Zodiac. The years listed are the years I received that meditation.

CHAPTER 2: 1982 Your body is the temple the place that the in - dwelling Christ spirit is alive and waiting to be born anew. Love is sent forth from the being through our heart and thru our words. Words are capacity to our society. We speak and it is done. The holy sound transforms cosmic energy to physical substance. Are aware that He listens and speaks through us. The La Parole de Dieu child is born every time we express love to all. That love purifies and heals all who receive it. Love guards our door towards the Lord, where all beauty and understanding can enter and dwell. We give thanks that each are blessed within his name.

CHAPTER 4: 1992 Jesus stumbled on show us how, the manner in which of your perfect son or daughter of God, how you can the reality, the path of discipleship where each woman or man becomes the Christ which is the "love of God made manifest."

CHAPTER 6: 1991 Our spirits are frozen in this time and space. Now we have arrived at make this physical world as perfect as being the spirit world is. The divine pattern extends from Heaven to Earth. The result of this can be separation. Our goal will be to unite Heaven with Earth.

Jesus came to show us the Christ Spirit can rest in just a human being. The Christ presence of love may be the perfected son or daughter of God. His presence can abide within a soul that has purified itself enough to welcome the increase of your Christ within. Through His many lifetimes, Jesus perfected His soul to welcome the Christ Spirit. His personality stepped aside as well as the power, love, and wisdom of God worked through Him. He became one along with the head as well as the heart with the Christ forevermore.

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