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How to Take Good thing about Your Marketing Kit


The conventional Flyer provides anyone who sees it with a little bit of information about GDI. It is actually a call to action for anybody who can benefit from any one of GDI’s services. These Flyers may be hung in public places places or given out.

To leverage the Flyer, simply select color or monochrome and print in the paper color of your choice. Remember again that brighter color paper may have more views. Next decide where you need to post the flyer or hand it a public event.


Your GDI Brochure breaks down everything someone may wish to know before joining GDI.
In the Brochure you will discover specifics of GDI’s company history, product offerings, affiliate program and sources of support. The brochure can help to answer many questions that anyone
interested in GDI or perhaps the affiliate program probably have. The GDI Brochure ought to be distributed to anybody that you’ve met personally who would like more information or will benefit from learning more about GDI.

To make use of your GDI Brochure, simply select the color or grayscale option. Next, print your brochure on high quality paper and fold in a trifold manner. The portion saying “HOW GDI Might Help Build Up Your BRAND, YOUR WEBSITE And Also Your INCOME” ought to be the top cover opening on the right.

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Table Tent

The Table Tent is an excellent tool for virtually every public area with tables. The Table Tent folds neatly in half to create a stand alone tent. This marketing piece offers a just brief little bit of information or teaser,

inviting anyone who has an interest to contact you to learn more.

To benefit from the Table Tent, print it out with a thick cut paper and cut along the dotted lines. Each sheet of paper will produce two table tents. Once you have remove the components of paper, fold by 50 % on the lines. Leave table tents in virtually any public place you are permitted to do so, such as a food court, transportation center or maybe your working environment lunch room.

The Tearaway

Flyer was created to attract attention from passersby and invite them to learn more. The Tearaway Flyer can be posted anywhere you may post flyers. Ideally, interested persons who view the flyer can tear away from the individual perforated portion of the flyer with your information to get in touch with you.

To make use of the GDI Tear Away flyer, select your choice for the flyer and print. Consider printing the flyer on bright colored paper to catch the attention. After getting printed the flyer, cut on the short vertical lines separating your contact information. This makes it possible for anyone walking by to easily grab, tear, and walk away with your information to use later.

Windshield Flyer

The Windshield Flyer is great for sharing with someone on the road or someone you could reach directly. This Flyer can be left within the door of the neighbor or beneath a car windshield.Just be sure to be respectful or in places you leave them.

To benefit from the Windshield Flyer, print each sheet out on brightly colored, sturdy paper. Cut allowing you to have four individual Flyers.

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