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Viral News Becomes an Epic Waste of Time

What will happen whenever we use up all your points to discuss? We come up with the things that shouldn't be written about - time wasting articles that cost us a few moments from a day once we might have been doing something more constructive. In such a case, word banishment.

This story is in fact becoming viral (oh - viral - one of those words around the "banish" list). Superior State University has released its listing of words which are dispatched for the "G" file (now, why can't they banish that a person, already?). These are definitely words which happen to have entered our auditory space so frequently during the last year they may have become redundant and, frankly, annoying. Also sharing a seat on that list will be the words "epic", "man up", "BFF" (best friends forever), and "wow factor".

Perhaps you can think of better activities to do than read my little piece on nothing important, but you should admit, you can't refudiate that the great back story can really create an amusing a-ha moment.

Did I fail in arousing your interest? If you have, I apologize. I'm just sayin' that I simply prefer to exist towards the fullest by scoping out and marking my personal opinion on new and entertaining resources. If you want to debate that, you can Facebook me. In case you are one of the minorities who doesn't determine what Facebooking is, you can always Google it.

See what I did there? Here's the list of banished words/terms from Superior State University, mainly for your enjoyment: Viral, epic, fail, wow factor, a-ha moment, back story, BFF, man up, refudiate, mama grizzlies, the American people, I'm just sayin', Facebook (when used as a verb), Google (when used to be a verb), live life for the fullest.

Currently, viral means, in tech speak, developing content, whether written or photos or videos that others love to the point they share it for some other people. These folks in return share it with other individuals until it can be an internet sensation. Something usually has become viral after you notice 3 or perhaps more and more people within your Facebook friends or Twitter have posted regarding this or it provides hit countless opinion of YouTube.

We merely wonder what the results are when a web nerd goes to a physician as well as the physician tells him that his drippy nose is simply something viral. But that's another story for the different section.

Go crazy

Internet is a bit more the business from the imaginative people. It's essentially an arena of going boldly where no man went. It's because online, which changes almost every day, every little thing usually appears to be it's on beta form. It's getting tweaked with imagination from time to time. And what's the famous trait of creative folks? They're always doing crazy stunts.

Much of the written content which contains gone viral is the ridiculous, the meaningless, the hilarious along with the out of this world. The weirder this is basically the a lot more individuals are interested in learning it.

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