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Nick Festari


Roberto Festari (a.k.a. Nick Festari) began to study piano at 9 years old. As he was 16, he became among the organists of his parish. It was there that they took his first steps accompanying a talented choir through the liturgical celebrations and performances. In this period, Nick met the 2 those who could have believed in him, and together they have been writing some of the finest eurobeat hits for several years. In 1986 he started a cover band with some friends where he has been playing keyboards for roughly 24 months. In 1987 the musicians and Live Music Studio owners Claudio Accatino & Federico Rimonti began to do business with the well-known dance producer Mark Farina. Nick Festari begun to cooperate with these playing some arrangements and rhythmics, progressively improving his studio work skills. Meanwhile, he became part of a band and gospel/Christian rock choir that performed in a few churches and small local theaters. Furthermore, he participated in various song contests as writer, winning the final edition in 1992. In the same year, Accatino & Rimonti joined Time Records (a famous Italian dance label) and proposed to Nick to writing new melodies for the Japanese audience. 2 years later, Claudio and Federico started their unique label, "HI-NRG ATTACK", where Festari was linked to writing almost 800 songs within two decades, also arranging and sometimes singing these tracks behind many aliases with his own particular style. These songs are long appreciated with the Japanese fans and a good portion of the world that love eurobeat and Italo-dance. At the end of 2012, Nick considered the ability to undertake a solo career and started to write a voice/piano pop-ballad. Once finished, he took some months to have a hard decision, and also in summer 2013 he took the opportunity and left eurobeat, dance scenes and HI-NRG ATTACK that gave many satisfactions and professional skills to him. Now indie dives into pop-music seeking to reach for a totally new audience along with his own style so appreciated in their former path.

Below the connect to surf Nick's eurobeat hits atяHI-NRG ATTACK label


Indie music is famous due to its low profile and refusal to comply with current trends. The artists be proud of their individuality and also their power to survive inside a cutthroat industry without compromising on their own beliefs. But the most dogged and persistent artists need some help and luck in breaking into your scene and establishing indie credibility.

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