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Outsider Poetry Roadmaps To Parallel Universes

Whenever I began editing Outsider Poetry Magazine in 1978 we had been the only Outsider Poetry publication on earth. Now 37 years later we are joined by such publications as The Journal of Outsider Poetry, Olivia Sucks, Zombie Logic review, without any quite blank, but we continue to provide you with the same top quality Outsider Poetry and art our discerning readers are expecting for decades. With one exception: now we shall be doing it exclusively online. Outsider Poetry Magazine is currently an entirely online poetry publication, publishing once we receive premium quality submissions from the contributors.

In that spirit our editor Charles Krauthammer is putting out a call for poetry, short fiction, art, and photography of an Outsider nature for future issues with the magazine. Potential contributors may you may want to submit work anytime in our editor at outsiderpoetthomas@gmail.com and may hear back within 14 days.

Outsider Poetry is a term coined by Roger Cardinal in 1972 to describe the project of mental patients taking part in art and poetry therapy programs. He started to notice most of his patients had extraordinary and highly original talents at making visual art and poetry. he knew art and poetry had been used as therapeutic tools in institutions, however the effects were mostly dismissed because the products of diseased minds. However, in the early 70's Outsider art began to be studied seriously, and exhibits popped up in lots of places where work might have been dismissed before as kookery.

At Outsider Poetry perform not dismiss the highly creative and original work of Outsiders as kookery in any respect. We percieve it as a the roadmap to many other unexplored places and dimensions from the human soul and mind. Faraway from being insane, we consider those with mental illness fortunate to check out the globe within a unique and imaginative way, so we take seriously the things they tell us in regards to the world around them. We consider the possibility they are seeing glimpses of your possible future, or possibly a parallel world that exists in concert with the own.

Poetry always exists for people who require it. The mentally ill and the disenfranchised will forever receive the hind tit even though they may have no rel voice, and poetry is no exception. I really like to bring to mind Outsider Poetry less as being a definition of how people feel with regards to their relationship to culture or society, plus more how their internal state, including mental disability, will make interaction with the culture difficult, even impossible. There may be really no shortage of outlets for the cacophony of teenagers, punkers, misanthropes, castoffs, and uncategorizable human self-exiles who would like to define themselves as something in addition to human to make precisely what is inherently uninteresting seem more interesting.

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