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Speed Flying - The Newest Option to BASE Jumping

A decade ago a lot of people will have drawn a blank in the mention of BASE jumping, a fringe extreme sport that involves throwing one's self from cliffs and buildings by using a parachute. Today, even individuals in their Golden Years understand the game, and can even be informed about a few of the technical terminology. But BASE jumping will forever remain primarily a novelty activity for its dangerous and limited accessibility. For people people who have the drive to participate in such a powerful activity more than vicariously with the rare few prepared to risk their lives, there is a new sport on the verge of exploding. It's called Speed Flying and although far safer than BASE jumping, the adrenaline factor is just one notch less.

Speed Flying is at its infancy now, but like many adventure sports before it, is quickly gaining traction like a familiar sport on the masses. This traction is building in the form beyond the typical flood of online videos however; mainstream folks are actually engaged in it. Most likely you are wondering what exactly this hot new sport is, and maybe even how you might get involved. Please read on being enlightened.

The game is easy: a participant hikes up a mountain by using a small and light fabric wing packed on their own back, inflates and launches from your suitable patch of clear ground, then screams along the mountain at breakneck speeds, slaloming through natural terrain features about the way down. Thinking about this either excites you or scares you, or both. For those that end up immediately drifting toward the scared side in the spectrum, it must be noted that thinking about this activity is a lot more frightening than actually doing it. As with everything else, knowledge replaces mystery, which is the root of most fear. Let's dispel a few of the mystery of Speed Flying.

A mixture of skydiving, paragliding and Base Jump, it would seem Speed Flying ought to be more dangerous than any one of these brilliant other sports. Nevertheless the beauty is it shares one of the most exciting elements of each activity, although not our prime risk elements. By way of example, it shares with BASE jumping the brilliant anticipation of standing in the side of a cliff or mountain preparing to jump, but fails to share the high risk part of based on a perfect parachute opening to live. In common with paragliding can be a top rated wing that creates a real pilot out from its operator, though with a far more rigid airfoil that nearly eliminates the risk of collapse associated with paragliding wing. Like skydiving, it is actually possible to make multiple flights everyday, but at one-fifth the fee (thus reducing the risk to one's financial well-being).

It might look like an activity of the nature would take weeks or months to learn, but in fact an individual may change from zero experience to proficient in a few days time, without needing to take any "leaps of faith". First flights are on a sizable wing coming from a bunny hill, gaining only some feet of altitude cheaper than 10 seconds. In a hour, students may be flying from 200 feet, and by the end through the day, flights from over 500 feet are possible. At the same time, wing size is going to be gradually stepped down from Sedan to Coupe. On the following days, the safe transition to sports car is definitely the goal. At this time inside the training, students will have a good feel for which kind of flying they like, and can focus their learning objectives toward that end. Many people would want to rip on the mountain at the earliest opportunity, while some will prefer "boozy cruisy" flights at speeds much quicker compared to a paraglider, although not so fast how the scenery can not be enjoyed. There exists something for everybody.

As they are always the case with any new endeavor, taking the initial step is the hardest. In this case, that step is building a quick telephone call or sending a quick email to your local Speed Flying school. Be well prepared though, taking this initiative will most likely bring about adding an aspect of excitement to your life that will have you ever quickly shifting your priorities. Prepare for the ride in your life.

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