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Alliance For Audited Media Certifies ValueMags Digital Fulfillment System

ValueMags is an agency that helps magazine publishers increase sales and build relationships with partners. They have a website where customers can easily and conveniently purchase magazines on subscription and even offer some free ones for a period of time.

Since they are a business that needs people to find them online, it is important to have a strategy for online marketing. This requires a lot of different activities such as social media, content, affiliate, adwords, and email to be able to get everything out of it. There are agencies out there that focus on one aspect of each field in online marketing. Because of the prominence of content marketing in recent years, let’s delve into that. People want to read interesting articles to get something out of it and would want to share it with their network or even engage in other ways.

Like anything else, there are best practices in content marketing to be able to get as much organic traffic as possible. It is important to get your content to be fresh, relevant and get another perspective on an issue. There can never be shortcuts taken when it comes to content. Because of the fact that Google crawls all sites, it can tell if your content is a duplicate or not. You can actually be punished if you are using the same article twice on a different site on a search engine optimization standpoint.

Each company should know who their audience is and how to best communicate with them. ValueMags knows the specific sites to visit in order to get people to learn more about them. It is imperative to keep in mind you are writing for and that it is not for search engine bots. The content you write should be relevant to the topic you are associated with. When you submit your RSS feed to Google blog search, the search engine will see you as more credible and it will know as soon as you update your content. People believe that the more it is shared on popular social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, the better it is for the rankings. But Google does not have access to that data. It is better to post the articles you curate to Google+. This will help with the ranking status. 

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