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Features of Optoma HD28 DSE And Its Benefits Of Using It For Gaming

The Optoma HD28 DSE
The Optoma HD28 DSE is a home entertainment projector. The first glimpse of the projector Optoma HD28 DSE seems like every other ordinary machine of its type. However, after anatomizing it, it goes without saying that it is rare to have so much in three little letters. The HD28 DSE (Darbee Special Edition) is not the conventional projector. It is the first display maker to introduce Darbee Vision technology to its products. So, should we pick the Optoma HD28 DSE gaming projector over any other projector? Let’s perusal it through its features.
OPTOMA HD28 DSE Features And Its Benefits For The Gamers
3000 ANSI Lumens
The Optoma HD28 DSE induces a powerful 3000 ANSI lumens, which means you can get a quite bright picture that is capable of creating the realistic images in the brightest of rooms. It costs only $674, and other projectors with the same price in the market produce ANSI lumens averaging around 2000 to 2800.
Optoma Bulb Rated 8000 Hours
If you do not like to switch off the lights or to use the blackout blinds every time you use your projector, then the Optoma DSE is definitely for you. It can produce a detailed and watchable picture. The included bulb of Optoma is rated at 8000 hours of use in optimal conditions, sounds incredible and impressive.
Darbee Visual Presence Image Processing
The other exceptional feature of this projector is that it includes the DVP (Darbee Visual Presence) image processing. The Darbee is the third party which specialized in video processing. It truly processes the images in the same way as your brain does.
10W Speaker
You can enjoy the 10W speaker which is built-in. It is beneficial for temporary setups and much stronger than multiple other projector’s speakers. Albeit, we suggest you pair the projector with any high-quality AV solution.
Pin Sharp Detail Through DLP Chip of Texas Instrument
It also uses the DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology of Texas Instruments which gives crystal clear clarity, pure and natural colors, and sharply defined images. Even at the giant screens, the details is astonishing. To make the most of a high definition video sources, Optoma also projects the 1080p Full HD pictures. Thus, it is the perfect projector for your Full HD gaming device or even the Blu-ray player.
Optional 3D
The Optoma HD28DSE comes in 2D, and you can take the boon of the noncompulsory 3D system which makes the picture truly impressive by producing a three-dimensional picture that emerges to surrounds the user. You just have to add the optional ZF2100 3D glasses system, attach to the appropriate source and then enjoy the 3D pictures which will give you a cinematic experience.
The Optoma HD28DSE projector uses the RF (Radio Frequency) system rather than using the Infra-Red. It does lessen not only the chance of interruption but also delivers brighter images and higher contrast. The glasses are optional and also fully rechargeable.
White casework
It does not let the white ceiling of your living room to distract you. The white casework helps the projector to blend in and be less obvious in the ambiance.
The Optoma HD28 DSE is fittingly equipped to grip your digital sources. The HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is compatible with Mobile High-Definition Link – MHL. It also let you attach compatible tablet, phablet or smartphone to HDMI power outlet and you can watch the videos at up to 1080p Full HD.
For the price of $674 it is just brilliant, and according to our honest opinion, the Optoma HD28 DSE is a remarkable projector as compare with the other projectors exist in the market. It becomes even better because of Darbee, and it raises the standard of gaming projector. Optoma HD28DSE redefines what is viable and attainable with a projector of this price range.

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