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The latest news on blockchain
A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that works as a means of exchange. In order to ensure secure transactions and keep under control the creation of additional currency units, typically cryptography is used.
The first decentralised currency was the bitcoin. Since its creation in 2009, many other cryptocurrencies emerged. The decentralised cryptocurrency is created by the whole cryptocurrency system. Its rate is defined when the system is created and then communicated to the public. When it comes to the centralised banking systems, there are special corporate boards that manage the supply of currency. But, in the case of decentralised cryptocurrencies boards, governments or organisations cannot create new units.
Beginning with March 2015, a lot of cryptocurrencies appeared and most of them are similar to bitcoins. The safety of these currencies is maintained by a community known as “miners”. These are members of the general community that help validate the transactions.
It is considered that a major part of bitcoins has been created in order to slow down the production of currency, significantly limiting the amount of currency that will circulate. If compared to the simple currencies that are held by financial organisations, cryptocurrencies are less affected by seizure.
If you are into bitcoins, you perhaps know that today there are over 700 cryptocurrencies. This figure is explained by the fact that the rate for entering the marketplace is low and there is a real opportunity to make a profit by producing coins.
Some people believe that cryptocurrency is the coin of the future and that is for several reasons:
Since they are digital, they cannot be counterfeited
The risk of identity theft is extremely low
When purchasing real estate, one has to deal with delays, third party involvement and fee payments. The bitcoin ensures immediate and easy settlement
Typically, there are no fees for bitcoins exchanges
Your account is not owned by someone else but by you!
These are just a few examples to show why cryptocurrencies are growing more and more popular.
If you have already familiar with cryptocurrency and are just interested in staying up-to-date with the latest Blockchain News, then you will need to find a reliable website where only the most important events and news are placed. Luckily, with the availability of internet and thousands of websites, you can easily find one to meet your particular needs. 

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