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Asbestos management solutions

Asbestos surveys

How to get a survey on asbestos?
Since 1950s, in the United Kingdom asbestos was largely used as a construction material. Therefore, all schools, factories, houses, hospitals, and other buildings built before 2000 definitely contain asbestos. It was used primarily for fireproof and insulation, but it can also be found in thermoplastic tiles, pipe insulation, decorative coatings, just to name a few. Moreover, it can also be mixed with other materials which makes it difficult to spot. As long as asbestos is undamaged, it is stable. But, over time, the fibers become airborne and then a reason to worry arise.
In the UK, at least 4000 people die from the diseases caused by asbestos per year. Thus, the asbestos surveys London are crucial when it comes to protecting your business and workforce from the risks associated with asbestos-related diseases.
If you demolish properties, work with building fabric, or have employees that work in unknown properties, then you will need an asbestos survey and management plan according to the existing law.
Based on asbestos regulations, any uncertainty related to the presence of asbestos must be handled properly, i.e. by carrying out a survey before starting the work. This is important in order to ensure none of the involved individual is exposed to the risk.
If you consider a survey, it is important to know that there are two types of asbestos surveys:
Demolition surveys. These are carried out by specialists who will test and try to identify asbestos in the garage roof
Management surveys: these are regular checks of asbestos-containing materials to identify if they pose a danger.
If a person refuses to carry out a survey and take all the necessary protection measures, the court will impose a fine. The worst cases include prison sentences.
If you are worried that your house, business building or any other premise may contain asbestos, a survey is strongly recommended. For this reason, a qualified consultancy service is a must if you need quality investigations. An experienced specialist must be considered that will be able to carry out the task carefully and come up with proper risk management solutions based on customer’s needs. The main tasks of an asbestos management company are as follows:
Comprehensive risk assessment
Notification of the carried-out work when needed
Identification of the risk and if that must be handles by a licensed contractor
Proper training of the workforce
If you have concerns related to the presence of asbestos within your property, don’t hesitate but call a specialist. 

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