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World of bathroom architecture

Those of you who have recently visited Kitzbühel during the world famous Hahnenkamm Race 2017 may have already driven past the beautiful Gasteiger Bathroom Architecture (or Bad-Architektur) Showroom in Aurach bei Kitzbuhel.
More than 200 luxury bathrooms a year since almost 4 decades make Gasteiger Bad-Architektur one of the top interior designers specializing in bathroom design in Europe.

The entrance to the showroom is marked by the characteristic GASTEIGER logo which was designed by one of the leading artists in the German speaking realm and nicely contrasts the dark wall coating as well as the dark porcelain stoneware which artistically covers the outside of the location. The entrance to the building is floored with lavish Rauriser Natural Stone as well as Valser Quarzit, both local stones that are taken from local mountains in the surrounding Pinzgau area as well as Switzerland in the case of the latter. The white wall on the outside of the building is completely crafted from Rauriser Natural Stone, which further turns the building into a local landmark crafted from surrounding materials.

The entrance floor level marks the bathroom accessories department of the store. Once one passes through the heavy entrance door with the characteristic “G” handle one is welcomed by one of the staff and can either take an original Italian espresso at the coffee bar or enjoy a state of the art consultation on the finest new bathroom accessories to take ones bathroom to the next level. Truly there is something to be found for everyone desiring to take their bathroom to a whole new standard of functionality, beauty and design on this level of the Gasteiger Bad-Architektur Showroom.

As the next step, one may choose to descend to the ground level, where one finds various examples of cutting edge Wellness and Bathroom Designs that can be individually applied to one’s desired bathroom situation. Here one will find various designs for cutting edge steam rooms equipped with mosaic tiles as well as large format porcelain stoneware. Every one of these examples is further equipped with cutting edge bathroom and shower faucets and modern applications such as the Effegibi steam room modules which allow one to turn their shower into a mix between steam room and shower for less of an expense than ever. In addition, one will find various modern examples of wall coating for shower and other wet areas. It has recently become possible to utilize modern versions of wall coating that are guaranteed to resist water in practically any Wellness, bathroom or shower area, even swimming pools designed by Gasteiger can now be done exlusively in this form of coating.

Once inspiration has been collected one will be in for another positive experience by visiting the top floor of the building. Not only does Gasteiger house various fine examples of bathroom architecture style designs here (or as the Germans call it “Badarchitektur”) but this floor is also home to Gasteigers very own interior design team, consisting of architects, interior designers and other creatives who specialize in designing the finest bathrooms Europe has to offer. Here a visitor is able to take a firsthand look at previous examples of bathroom designs, floor plans as well as to discuss and develop a first concept of their new dream bathroom. The team focuses on a very client oriented approach that involves both 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional planning which can seamlessly be integrated with one’s architects designs or act as blueprints for ones desired plumber. If you havent yet, pay a visit today.

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