среда, 22 февраля 2017 г.

Online Reputation Management

There is a new industry that is gaining traction in the online marketing world lately. It is closely associated with search engine optimization but a bigger emphasis on what is being said about you on search engines.
People and companies have to be aware of the vulnerabilities that can be found online. In order to be in control of your online reputation, there are steps you can take to be sure an attack is minimized. The first step is to Google yourself to see what shows up. Look at which sites show up within the first few pages on the search engine. What is will stakeholders find when they see these results? It is smart to have a strategy when it comes to the message people will receive when they look you up.
Online reputation management is a process where you have to constantly monitor your keywords search. Be sure to have social accounts and be active on them. It is possible for people to write negative things about you on these platforms but it is very rare, especially for companies, to have a squeaky clean reviews. The key is how you deal with negative comments and articles. Depending on the tone the writer takes, it will be evident what they are looking for in order to be satisfied. Just note that some people’s expectation of this is unrealistic. The public will see that and know just who is in the wrong. Keep in mind the other comments can actually help your business be more efficient and effective if you listen.
In recent years, blogging and content writing in general has become a very important part of online marketing. Namely, it spills over to online reputation management since it will give your brand a good name since you will be seen as an industry leader. Be sure to publish articles the public would be interested in and write titles that will entice people to click on and read more about it. The more organic engagement a post, website, or content gets, the better it is in the eyes of Google. Therefore, make sure to have a good strategy on the topics, videos and photos you post. They are what will help you if there is ever some kind of negative article published about you online. It will not have the chance to make it to the front page of Google under your keywords. 

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