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Why Chose Home Care Physiotherapy?

When it comes to physiotherapy the first thing most people think about is going to a clinic at an external location. Not many consumers realize that there are options in most cities for the physiotherapist to come to you in your home, residence or wherever is most convenient for you or your loved one. It is also often difficult for senior citizens to access the care they need out in the community, which is why it is important to have access to rehabilitation services that go to them.
The following are some of the benefits of using physiotherapy at home.
One of the main benefits for anyone using home physiotherapy services is the convenience of not having to leave the house. This can become important for senior clients who don't feel completely safe leaving the house. Equally so, home physiotherapy can be a good option for busy families, who just don't have the time to fit in another appointment into the calendar. We can visit you at home whenever is convenient for you and your schedule. All appointments are set over the phone and the physiotherapist will bring everything necessary for your appointment to your house.
Personalized Care
Physiotherapy visits at home will ensure that your care is being tailored to you and your environment. The treatment provided will be personalized to your specific needs and goals. This aspect of personalized care is significant for senior citizens because often times their rehabilitation is directly connected with problems they have navigating their home environment. We solve that problem by directly analyzing the home environment and intervening as necessary. Home care physiotherapists also spend more time with each client (usually 1 hour versus 20-30 minutes in a clinic), and this will lead to more optimal outcomes in a shorter period of time.
Comfortable Environment
At home, you do not have to worry about the stresses involved in going to an outpatient clinic. This can include setting up transportation, waiting in a loud and crowded clinic and completing your rehab in an environment that is primarily designed for younger clients. With home care physiotherapy, you can be assessed and treated by a health care professional in the comfort of your own home.
Cost Savings & Faster Progress
There are a multitude of cost saving that are linked with home care physiotherapy. Our company Home Advantage Physiotherapy specifically, for example, has visit costs which are equal to most outpatient clinics when you consider the total amount of treatment time. We spend extra time with our clients, in the comfort of their home, with tailored rehabilitation programs designed for functional independence and because of these factors our patients often need less visits and end up saving money. There are also the added costs many do not think about when going to an outpatient clinic such as: the cost of gas to drive there, the cost of parking if it is not free, and the value of your own time.
As you can see there are plenty of reasons to choose home care physiotherapy. When you are considering your options for your rehabilitation needs, consider home physiotherapy visits as they can get the results you want in the comfort of your own home.

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