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Protect Puerto Rico

When it comes to describing Puerto Rico, once would won’t find the appropriate words to speak about its charm. From perfect waver for surfers to calm, crystal-clear waters for families, this place is truly a gem that can both take you back in time and offer a feel of the contemporary. The breathtaking combination of landscapes, Puerto Rico is a perfect place if you want to escape from civilization and hide away in a secluded heaven.
In order to preserve the beauty of this land, Para la Naturaleza has been established and oriented towards achieving this goal. Para la Naturaleza is a non-profit organization created over 40 years ago, that still fights for protecting the lands of high ecological value in Puerto Rico.
The organization aims at achieving 33% of protected land by 2033. During the last few years, conservation has risen from 8% to 16%. Every year, over 80,000 people take part in various programs to keep the environment of Puerto Rico protected.
Moreover, besides protecting the environment, Para la Naturaleza has also restored 6 historical sites dating back to 18th and 19th centuries. As a result, they are now open to the public and offer the opportunity to discover the island’s rich history and culture.
When in Puerto Rico, you can admire Hacienda La Esperanza, a former sugar plant that is now protected by Para la Naturaleza. This place is also home to the only one steam sugar mill in the world that is still working today.
Para la Naturaleza is made of a group of people who bring their commitment to help Puerto Rico achieve the goal of 33% of protected land by 2033. The organization welcomes each and every individual who is willing to invest his/her time and money in preserving the natural sites still existing today. In order to be part of this successful project, you can either participate, donate or becomes a trusted member of Para la Naturaleza always ready to help its conservation efforts and goals.
If you care for this land and want a sustainable future for its inhabitants, you can easily join the campaign and help its members move faster towards reaching the primary goal. A reception and auction will be held soon in order to raise funds to support the efforts of Para la Naturaleza. It will be a perfect opportunity for those who want to help.

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