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Valuemags has been in a marketing agency for over a decade now

Their specialty is helping magazine publishers increase sales and help them build relationships with partners. As an agency, they know the struggle companies have to face if they want content written about their brand. Do they hire an agency or a freelancer?

In recent years, brands have noticed the importance of writing content and will be a challenge for marketers to keep delivering consistent and good content week in and week out. The issue is usually lack of time, budget or both. This important task usually gets placed into the hands of the busy marketers who already have a lot on their plates or are scrapped. There has been a recent statistic that 75 percent of brands are increasing their content marketing budgets to make sure they have good writers who can constantly deliver relevant, high quality content for their target audience.

To be able to keep up with the content to be produced, about two thirds of companies are outsourcing this to freelancers and agencies. This number is expected to increase within the coming year. When brands are outsourcing this aspect of their marketing, they should be getting great writers who come up with consistent, high quality content with another point of view and leveraging your resources better.

Now the question becomes who to pick? An agency or a freelancer? Generally speaking, freelancers are less expensive since they charge by the hour or by the word. On the other hand, agencies charge a monthly fee. There may be other additional expenses for planning, strategy, analytics and promos. Depending on what your goals and budget is, you might be paying extra for items you don’t need. When looking into a freelancer, make sure to get to know them better to know if they meet your needs and can write to the standards you are looking for.

Another thing to consider is time. Freelancers only require a few back and forth emails and can get an article written the next day. Even if you need an article within a few hours, they may respond and get the work done even after business hours and on holidays. With agencies, it may take some time to get your project off to the designated employee. ValueMags, being an agency, have more services to offer that are in relation to what they do.

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